Bullet Journal Bullet Points

 I’m pretty sure most people have heard of this thing called a ‘bullet journal’. Well I have anyway. I have wanted one for a while and then I got one for Christmas and then I was like, ‘wait so what now’. I looked around so many places and I never found something that clicked with me. See I am not a remotely artsy person so that made it 10x harder. But I have figured it out now and I want to share it with everyone else who is struggling. Don’t worry, I got you.

  • The First Page

Ok so that sounds intimidating but it isn’t really. For this all you need to write is the year you are doing the bullet journal for. I’m starting it in the year 2021 (yes I am scared for it too) so I put the numbers 2021 at the front. You can do this in any font you like and wherever you want on the page. I put mine in the middle and did a few wee drawings around it but at this stage you don’t need to add any doodles, that is really for if you have the time later on.

  • The Yearly Page

This one isn’t really a necessity but if you like to have everything there and in the right order then please go ahead. This is yours after and there is not only one way to do it. For mine, I put a small calendar of all the months so then I can just highlight holidays or important events. Some other ideas that are good are goals for that year, trips you want to go on. Just plans you wish to do. Or I have also seen people with checklists of chores they need to do for work and around the house and they have said whether they need to do it every week or every month, things like that. Things you have to do but sometimes forget to do so you can stay organised.

  • That Time Of The Month

ha, no I’m not talking about that specifically so all you guys can come back and read on. This was only a transition to the next section. And if you guessed months then you are right. Before the start of the month you should draw out these pages just to be organised. Firstly have an opening page that has the month on it. Again you can make these quickly and then make it look nicer when you have the time. After the title page you can have a choice again. For me, I am wanting to save, so I put a page on the amount of money I have at the start of the month and at the end of the month. I also have room for putting in where I got money and where I spent money throughout the month. Another popular page for the months is a mood page. For this you can have a colour code and then do like a flower where you colour in your mood on a petal every day. There are so many things you can choose from. If you search on Pinterest or google you will get great ideas. For me, I am drawing hot air balloons and colouring them in once a day. And yes, if you are someone who suffers the pain of periods it would be good to have a tracking page of how you feel physically and emotionally with a tracker for your period. Other ideas could be,

  • exercise routine
  • skincare routine
  • sleep tracker
  • plans for the month
  • water challenge

but what you should not do EVER, unless advised by a medical professional, is make a calorie counter. Never ever do that. Please. It isn’t worth it and you are perfect just the way you are. If you were planning to do that, then instead do a page each month or week about what you like about yourself or a motivational quote like ‘if I can’t love myself, then how the hell am I supposed to love somebody else’.

  • The Day-To-Day 

Some people refer to this as the week’s page but you can say either one. This is the part where you add 7 boxes for the seven days of the week, if you want of course. And here you can write what you did that day, what you thought that day, a word a day, a sentence a day. Whatever you want really, but make sure it is something you won’t mind doing because, well, you do it every day. I think my sentence for the day would be ‘what the f!@k is going on’:) or maybe that would fit the whole year. But yeah that is kind of what you do there and of course just do what suits you best. If you forget stuff a lot, say what day you had a shower on, or what day you used a face mask. Just stuff like that which will make your lives easier. 

  • Go Wild

I will say this one time more. You do you boo. This is your journal and chances are, nobody will look in it apart from you, so do the drawings you want, do the worst you can, do the best you can, try something, cut it to if you want, track personal things. You can literally track anything in your life so, if you want to, just do it. There is not just one way to do it because if there was this would be a step by step guide. But it isn’t, so redefine the bullet journal and do what you want. Maybe it won’t look as great as someone else’s but who cares, someone will always be better than you at some things so you might as well have fun and do what you like.
Thank you so much for reading this and I hope it helped you a lot. for more visual help you should definitely look on Pinterest or google because they have so many beautiful ideas.


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