The Pressure Is On

Ok so this is actually a wee jokey title but I’m being serious. A lot of press is put onto us every day from adults and others our age

Peer pressure for example. Some people don’t think it really happens to them and adults just say, be yourself. Be you and you’ll be loved. Well, if only that was true. Literally if we do that we get bullied. And it is literally messed up because there are people in school who send motivational stuff on their story but then when you follow that advice and be yourself then you are criticized. Literally it is so confusing and I don’t iunderstand. I would never judge someone about what they wear or what they do but I know what it feels like to be with people who do care. Like I really don’t know who I am sometimes because I always try to be who others want me to be.

Sometimes I wonder, if everyone acted like themselves. What would the world be like? Would friends still be friends because they realise their true personality is actually similar to the others? Would the world be happier? Surely there would be no judgment

Adults pressure, this can be quite a broad topic. This can be pressure for your future for who you are, who they want you to be. Anything really. But I’m going to talk about how they pressure your personality. I can thankfully say that my parents are fully supportive of me and what I want to do but some people aren’t. I bet there are hundreds of songs, books, movies that could have been made had here parents supported them. And that’s awful. So many opportunities missed, but that’s the thing. Some parents feel like there is a specific way to do live and you want to live up to their expectations. I mean even I catch myself trying to match what they want me to be. And I mean it’s understandable because you don’t want to upset them. You want to make sure they respect you and even though they may not always mean it, it happens.

Another thing that adults can pressure us about is not only our future, but our present. I mean our generation is completely different to theirs. Like it is completely different so then they might judge us about how we dress and act. Like our generation, what I believe, are more rebellious. We don’t listen to classical music, not all of us anyways, but we also wear different clothes. Sometimes they just can’t accept that so some of us basically become how their parents are instead of themselves. Especially if you are homosexual and have conservative parents

My last point as well is our mental health that is basically none existent. Like our generation are hands the most unstable so far. Once again, my parents are really supportive, but again not all of them are. I swear they have denial as if they know everything about you. I mean we aren’t 5 anymore and we have different thoughts that we don’t tell them. And for people who have told them, and I really respect that, and then they just knock you down as if you made it up, it’s just crazy. I am so sorry if that has happened to you because your feelings are so valid. If you are struggling with something, absolutely anything, then you deserve to get help. Then people just don’t open up to them and it gets so bad. Some parents really just aren’t as understanding as they think they are.

Thank you so much for reading this. I know a lot of you can relate because this is the world we live in. And it sucks. But it’s going to be ok. You aren’t alone. There are people out there who care for you.

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