What Is A Regular Teen?

OK, so this one is gonna confuse all the Karen’s out there so let me break it down for you. Not all teenagers are disrespectful and/or criminals. Now I hope you understood that but I’ll give you more information now.

Teenagers are not only split into 2 groups like they are in the movies. There are more than just brats and nerds. Don’t get me wrong there are some annoying mofos in this world but sometimes if you get to know them they aren’t so bad. So if a kid walks close to you and doesn’t fall to their knees and bow down to you, that doesn’t mean they are disrespectful. They just have a bit of self respect.

A lot of the time people have to act like they are tough to be able to stay with their friend group and not get beaten up so before you start shouting at them, just know that they probably aren’t a bad person. Like I don’t know what they taught you in school but we are taught that people have to put on a ‘mask’ to hide who they are so we need to appreciate that. So take your Donald trump-loving-ass back to school bitch.

I don’t know if anybody else feels this way sometimes but when I go on a walk or do anything with my friends, I get scared that people are going to think that I am a disrespectful teen. I try to not look intimidating and me and my friends are nice people but when it gets a bit dark or if we are quite loud I worry that we are gonna be thought of as ‘regular teens’. WTF is a regular teenager anyways because there isn’t one group and everyone is different. I mean I understand they think regular teens are rude and create a lot of mess but they literally judge that from the split second they see us from their car. Just because it is dark outside doesn’t mean we are literally smoking weed or about to rob a bank. For me it just means that I lost track of time with my friends because I was having fun. I mean I don’t know about you but I am TERRIFIED of being out at night. Mainly cause I am a teenage girl and there are sketchy people around.

I think that movies affect adults too much. I would say a majority of the people my age are nice people and completely different to what is shown in movies. Like shockingly different. I mean movies just want the drama so obviously they are fake. Yes, there are some annoying people my age that I am quite scared of but they are probably like that for a reason. Like a bad home life or just in the wrong crowd.

I just hate the fact adults immediately assume that I am going out to get drunk or rob a bank or something. I

mean maybe I’ll have a wee drink but really I just want to enjoy the years of semi-freedom before I have to work a 9 to 5 job. Why can’t we do anything without being watched by security guards or Karen’s. Just let us have fun. And then they hit us with ‘I was a kid once, don’t try to fool me’. First of all, where the hell were you going with that because you basically just admitted that you were as ‘rebellious’ as us, so who are you to tell us off. And secondly, when you were a kid, smoking wasn’t seen as giving you cancer and probably you were hit with a ruler in school, so bitch times have changed in the past 50 years. Don’t compare us to you.

So yeah, to end, let us have freedom and not be scared of being judged. Maybe we wear short skirts because we feel good, maybe we don’t smile at you because aren’t having a good day, or maybe you need to reevaluate your perception of teens. But what do I know, I am only a teen myself.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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