Adults Can Hear Our Thoughts! What Happens Now?

This list could go on forever and have millions of different outcomes but I am going to talk generally and focus more on how I think so don’t worry if you don’t think the same things. There are countless numbers of things I could say, but just know that what you think is valid and I am not mentioning every little thing.

If I woke up one day and my parents and every other adult could hear what I thought, I would be terrified. And no, not for the thing you are thinking right now, get your head out of the gutter. But I would be scared because I think a lot of dark, scary things. Overall, I think my parents would be worried and scared because I am not the ‘little girl’ they think I am. My parents say I will always be their baby, because I am the youngest in the family, by one minute may I add but that’s beside the point. But no, they would definitely be so confused.

In my opinion, parents think that teenagers only think about how to piss them off or when we can run away and do drugs or something, but really, we think about so many mature things that they would think we don’t care about or understand. I remember one day I was volunteering at this run and then this adult was like ‘oh I think it’s going to be a warm summer’ and being the socially awkward person I am I said ‘I hope so’ because I mean who doesn’t like a warm summer. And then the man said ‘that isn’t good. Global warming is getting worse. But then I suppose your generation don’t really care about that stuff’. When I tell you I wanted to shout, I mean I was ready to have a full Greta Thunberg moment. I didn’t say anything because, well, I am socially awkward. It is so annoying how ignorant some people are. If my parents heard me think they would see how much I think about that stuff because, believe it or not, we are the ones that will have to live in this world long after you are gone. Sorry that was really morbid but it’s true. And you can’t blame us for global warming. You guys are the ones who created these greenhouse-producing products, and you are the ones who raised us to use them. And now we are left to clean up your mess. So don’t tell us that we know nothing because we know that we are going to be the ones to fix your mess.

Adults would also be surprised by how much I actually think about the future. These can be good things and bad things. I think about what jobs I’ll do and how to save, start a business, invest in stocks, get a house, a family. But I also think about depressing stuff because my mental health is not top-notch. I don’t know if this is just me but I actually do think about ‘grown-up’ things. I do worry about not being able to get a good job because I failed my test. I do worry about being homeless because the prices of houses are only increasing. I do worry about how I will handle living on my own and paying off everything. They truly do underestimate us because they only remember the bad things we did. They never remember the mature things we do.

One of the useful things for them being able to hear our thoughts is that they would finally understand why we are being ‘grumpy’. Whether it is because we fell out with our friends, our parents came home angry which in turn made us angry, or we are having a bad mental health day. They always assume that it is us just being a ‘teenager’ and then completely dismiss us. Yes, sometimes we can just be having a bad day, but everyone does. We never say to you ‘why are you always so angry? It’s all of that phone time’. No because for one that is disrespectful for us to say what you say but also because we have sympathy and understand that it must be something that happened today. We aren’t all selfish animals you know, if anything I am overly sympathetic and that is why I am never truly happy. I always think about others and never myself. My goal in life is not to make your day worse. It’s not even close to that. If you could hear what I was saying to myself you would finally understand why I don’t want to talk or why I want to lie in my bed all day.

Thank you for reading this. Obviously I didn’t add all the things they would realise but I didn’t want to make this to long. I might make a part two in the future, so please comment if you would like that and feel free to comment any other things you would like me to mention. Stay safe and know you are loved.

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