10 Facts that Gen Z’s Are The Best Generation

To be honest, this topic needs no explanation but I need to educate some of you oldies.

10. With Great Mental Health Problems Comes A Great Sense Of Humor

OK, so this isn’t ranking them in order but just a wee countdown to make it more dramatic. Anyways, as everyone knows, pretty much all of our generation are mental ill. And as you will know, we crack a lot of jokes as a ~coping mechanism~. Also we do know this isn’t helpful but that is the only thing we can do with all of the actual idiots that are the other generation. I mean the scale of funniness is equal to the scale of insanity to be honest. I guess it is also a way to check up on people. I genuinely think ‘she/he is really funny today lol. I wonder whats wrong?’ Like I have a wee mental health problem and I would say I am kind of funny sometimes, that makes me sound so stuck up, but there will be some crazy bitches who don’t stop with you jokes and you just know they going through some shit. But yeah to conclude, we may be ill but we add a little ~spice~ to it.

Maybe If We Wait A Little Longer, A Fuck Will Fall In My Hand And I Can Give It To You

Nah, when I tell you we don’t give a shit, I mean it. OK yes for some people and specific areas like body confidence we, me especially, will be weak as fuck and care about it so much. But when it comes to serious stuff like dying, responsibilities or school, bitch you better believe we ain’t gonna give a fuck. I mean don’t try the whole ‘would you jump of a bridge if you friend did’ bull shit because we would jump with them, holding hands, getting a photo. Like that stuff doesn’t phase us boo. And if someone is crying about life and being mentally ill we just be here like ‘it is what it is’ and ‘it do be like that’ I mean damn. We are not a lot of help sometimes.

We Can Make Anything Into A Joke. Global Pandemic? No Problem

Right, so I suppose this links in with the humor thing but this is like for everyone. Like it is as if we merged the carelessness with humor because we literally could not care less. We just accept it because nobody ever gives us control for our futures so we do what we do best. Make fun of it. Like at some points I look at stuff and literally piss myself and then I’m like :/ should I be laughing at that. I mean I could forget there is serious shit in the world because I only see it as a joke. I guess you could say we look at the good in things… or our humor is broken.

Want A Case Solved? We Got You

Don’t even bother with the bloody FBI. Just give us some time, a computer, good WiFi, and low quality YouTube video about the case. I mean we do be out here solving shit. Unsolved cases that literal professionals can’t solve, yet a person on their ass all day is just like ‘oh the man is here. Here is his whole life story and credit card number’. You guys underestimate our power.

We Give Great Advice, Just Don’t Expect Us To Use It

Although we can give shitty advice to people, like ‘it do be like that sometimes’, you better know that we will become a therapist within seconds. It is literally so weird though because we are so mentally ill but yet we can give top notch advice to others, but then when it comes to helping ourselves we just give up. I mean honestly if you can’t afford a therapist just go to a teen and be like ‘hey, i feel crap’, trust me you will feel better after. I mean literally random strangers on the internet are so bloody supportive. I mean you will become besties with sunshinesparkle360 in no time.

Equality Just Hit Another Level

So apart from a select group of dumb-asses, I would say that our generation is so far the most welcoming generation. Of course, correct me if I am wrong because I am lucky to have never been subject to any discrimination, just scary men. But like we be out here taking rubber bullets and tear gas for black lives. And I am so proud of that. Like, my generation really be out there doing this. I really hope everyone feels this way in that we are happy when people show who they really are, may that be transgender, gay, bi, gender fluid, whatever. I sure know that I am happy to see it, but yeah I am proud to be a part of a more equal generation, at least from my perspective. Also, if anyone reading this is racist, homophobic, ablest, anything in that category, please go away. Go and seek some help because you need it bro. Open your eyes and leave this page. Thanks

The Government Ain’t Got Nothing On Us

OK, so in a British perspective this is talking about how we literally bullied the government into changing our predicted grades. Like hands down we were like ‘give us the grades bitch’ and they did. I mean I ain’t trying to brag or nothing but like that is pretty cool. And then also back to the BLM protests, they were out there standing up for what they knew was right while the armed police came out. I mean they had nothing on them and kept their peace even while they were being treated like animals. Our generation is tough as shit and we wont take no for an answer.

We Lazy As Hell But Just Wait ‘Till You Get On Our Nerves

I think a lot of people know already that our generation can be kind of unbothered to do the crap we don’t want to do. I mean I can’t be bothered to read or get out of bed to do work sometimes. But if I go on TikTok and find someone talking out their ass I will be sending full on essays. Giving them very much English essay vibes. And then I will read every shit point they have to say. And then I be spitting facts everywhere, proper getting up articles and facts while they shrivel into the pile of shit they are. Try me bitch, I dare you.

We Are Going To Save This Planet Bitch

Yeesssss. So I always hear so many people saying how we don’t care about the environment. I have two words for you. Greta Thunberg. Yup. That environment bitch, I mean what an influential queen. I try so hard with anything I can to protect the environment. Which can be hard regarding my financial situation. But I try, and I know we are gonna do great things in the future

We Had An Actual Childhood And Experienced All The Classics

Last but not least, we are the last generation to have a proper childhood. This means we weren’t corrupted by all the technology or all the new things. We had imagination bitch, and that shit is priceless. Everyday I was out making potions, being a mermaid, collecting snails. Bitch I was a working woman. And I can understand all the things on Instagram where they are like ‘only 2000 babies will remember these’. Bitch, them bee bots where the BEST. The old insect carpet, top notch. The wee rods for learning your time tables, love them. I mean my childhood was so good. And now kids are on their Ipads, zooming around on Segways. And they don’t even know the classic movies. One time our school played the iconic high school musical music and the wee first years had no clue what they were listening to. Troy Bolton was quaking. I mean I am glad I grew up a cultured child without technology. I was excited about every bloody rock and now the only nature they see are the BLOODY BABY SHARKS.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading and I hope you now agree that Gen Zs are the best generation. I hope you follow my blog so you can read more of my blog posts that will be posted very soon Thank you very much, and say this with me, ‘I’m a bad bitch, you can’t kill me’!!!! PERIODT.


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