I Can’t Be The Only One, Right?

There are so many things that we do and at some point in our lives we find out that some aren’t normal. Whether that is what you think or what you do there is at least one things that is slightly different so I wanted to share a few of mine and you can comment if you think the same

How The Hell Do You Be An Adult

OK, so obviously you are an adult once you turn 18 but like what I mean is like how do you buy houses, how to you pay for bills, how do you start a business or do an interview. Like the list could go on and it is just stuff that adults do on the regular. I mean I can hardly order a pizza never mind buy a house. Do you just learn that at some point or will I be on the phone with my mum 24/7 because at this rate I’ll be like ‘um so I just chopped my fingers off, do I need to book an appointment or what, like LOL this is going to be so embarrassing’. I don’t know if that is the lack of confidence talking but like I need to know when this knowledge is given to me.

After School

OK look. Once you have all of your exams over, whether that is your GCSEs, A levels, a degree, whatever, but like what happens next. Do I just go home as though everything is normal. I mean yeah people do be celebrating abroad but like after that what the hell do I do. I would feel so young to be going out and getting a job, like will they take me seriously because I am going to be looking like a literal foetus in front of everyone else and I am gonna be honest, I am not up for that. I want to be a police officer so imagine me, a wee girl coming in for an interview and being like ‘umm hey’ and they’ll be like ‘oh the school is at the other side of the street sweaty’. Bitch knowing me I would be like ‘oh OK sorry’ and starting back at school. I ain’t ready for that. Oh and by the way, how the hell do I make a resume for that. Just be like ‘I want to be a police woman – past experience = McDonald employee’. I mean how pathetic does that sound.

Merry Christmas

Lets set the scene. I am a teen, the youngest in my family, and to not give away too much of my personal stuff I will give you a hint. My age starts with fifth and ends with teenth. So anyways, all my siblings are older than but then again I only have two and one of them is only one minute older than me. My twin, if you didn’t catch on. Anyways so yeah we still go all out on Christmas. Of course we know the secret, Santa prefers mince pies to cookies, and at first I was a bit shocked because, you know, I had been giving him cookies for years, but like I got back into doing the whole thing. I set up a plate with mince pies and a glass of milk. We also leave out reindeer food and carrots of course. We all also read this Christmas book that we have done for years. Even after the news I still go all out for Christmas and to be honest there is no shame.

Singin’ In The Shower

OK, now this one is kind of embarrassing for me. To be fair I don’t do it as much anymore because I have realised that not everyone does this. But like I have had a few concerts in my life. In the shower of course. Can I sing? Hell no. Did I do it anyway? Obviously yes or why would I be talking about it. It wasn’t until my twin was like ‘could you shut the hell up’ that I realised that it wasn’t all that normal at a public swimming pool. Ha, jokes it was at my home. But like you see in all the movies that they are like great singers and they are having a blast. Singing always sounds so much better in the shower. Well for the person singing anyways. But I am quite embarrassed to do it even in the comfort of my own home. It is a tough world guys.

Shaving You Arms

OK this is getting a bit weird now but I just have to know. Is it normal to shave your arms? Like I thought it was a normal thing until I tried to do it and ended up cutting my elbow and my mum was disappointed. OK so maybe she did tell me I didn’t need to because nobody does and I am blonde but I mean I guess I was just a ~rebellious teen~ you know :1. The thing is though I hate the look of my arms and I was like, this isn’t normal. Well it is and I found out that literally nobody shaves their arms. I mean I understand now because literally nobody can see them but hey, it was a learning curve I suppose.


Now I am not about to go into a whole depressing topic but I just wanted to ask, does anybody else get that moment where everything is fine but then in a split second you are like wow this is real life, this isn’t a movie, this is real, that is real, I am living, this is true, I am a human living in a house with everything readily available. Just things like that. It was as if you feel really fake for a second and your like what the hell I am a living person and this is my life. No it is not a whole euphoric thing, more like a recap of life if you get me ahhaha. Like that is definitely from a movie where they are like ‘oh my god. I need to stop the wedding, she is my destiny’ or ‘I can do anything’. It is kind of just like a weird dizzy feeling and then I am like damn, back to work.

The Beginning

Everyone is definitely going to think I am crazy with this one but does anyone else remember just being like 2 or 3 and just ‘waking up’ in your living room and then that was the beginning of your life. Like it is so weird, I can’t really describe it but I remember it so vividly. I can’t remember anything before that, it was just dark or nothing but then I just opened my eyes and I was on the floor and then ran into the kitchen but I kind of stopped and looked back as if I was like ‘what the fuck just happened’. I sound so crazy but that was just the beginning of my life and I remember it so clearly and it was weird. I didn’t have like the brain of a 2 year old where I was like ‘oogly boogly’ you know, it was kind of like it is now but immature and just, the mind of a child I suppose but not. I really can’t describe it but I hope someone else can say this has happened to them and that I am not just crazy.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed. Hopefully you related to some of them and felt a bit less crazy because of them hahah. Follow my blog to keep updated when I post and read some more of my blog while your at it I guess. Keep safe, and don’t worry because it will all work out in the end, I promise, it’s all just part of the process PERIODT.


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