How To Combat Comparing

One of the worst things about social media is that it is so easy to compare yourself. Even though we have all been told that they are all fake and that they have been photo shopped, it is so hard to not compare how you look to them. You might not even compare there looks but maybe their lives and what they have. Either way it usually leads to a downward spiral because you realize you aren’t like them and you like is just pointless and meaningless. But I have another few ways to think of some things, although remember I am not a professional and these are just some ideas I have come up with.

Compare Yourself To Other People

This sounds hypocritical as hell but just listen. We are comparing ourselves to things we would have to change ourselves to believe, whether that is going on a diet, surgeries, whatever. But what if we compared ourselves to someone who we don’t want to be. This may not work for everyone and some of these examples are gonna be a bit random, but they are true. Ask yourself ‘have I killed a person?’ well hopefully not and if that answer is no then well done you are on the right track. Then ask yourself ‘have I got a roof over my head?’ If so then great. Also I just want to say that for anything you say yes too like being homeless, for example, just remember that that doesn’t make you any less of a human being and I am only using this in a way for people to become grateful for what they have. Ask yourself ‘am I a bully’, if not then well done at least you are a good person. Just small stuff like that, even when you know what the answer is going to be, like ‘I am blonde/brunette/ginger’ I mean whatever it is that will get you to focus on anything, no matter how big or small, that you like about yourself.

Get To Know The Person

So this can mean different things for if you compare yourself to a celebrity or someone you know. If it is a celebrity then it can be slightly harder but ask yourself this. What could this celebrity be thinking about right now? Maybe it is about how low they have been feeling lately. Maybe it is about how they feel insecure and worried what others may think. Or maybe they are comparing themselves to others and wishing they could be more like … you. Whether this is because of your lifestyle or your hair or anything. You can also ask yourself, what is this celebrity like in person? They could be really mean or homophobic or racist. They could be everything you don’t want to be so if you turned into them would you actually like that. No. And now for if it is someone you know. What is there life like? What do you have that they might not? Are they a good person? Just get to know more about them and you might found that they look a certain way because of something that has happened to them and they might not even like how they look themselves. Just because you think they look perfect, doesn’t mean they are confident in themselves. You could go up to them and complement something about them. If they are nice they will either compliment you back or start a conversation. If they are mean then at least you know that it isn’t worth it to be them. And either way you are in the right because you complemented them. Well, if it was in an appropriate way of course.

Try To Build Yourself Up Instead Of Breaking Yourself Down

Although it may be a harsh reality, you will never be exactly like them. I mean it is humanly impossible. You could try your hardest but at the end of it you will be so unhappy and you will barely know who you are. So what we should do is realize that although we are not where they are, there are still some aspects of our life that we do like. Maybe you still live with your parents so you are like ‘well at least I don’t have to pay for the bills’ or maybe you are at a comfortable place in life where something is going right, like you have great friends, or you are going on holiday soon. I know they may not be as significant as things that they do but if what you are doing makes you happy then why try to change everything about yourself. For me, I get very homesick so what I could say is that, although they are going to a lot of amazing places every day and they are always busy, I would find that really uncomfortable and overwhelming. I couldn’t live like they do at the moment. You don’t have to put the other person down to trick yourself into thinking they are perfect because in your head they will always look as great as before, but just say things that you like but aren’t right for you at this moment. ‘I like the way their hair looks but my hair isn’t able to become an afro so I am happy as it is now. I am going to appreciate them now but love my hair forever.’. You can say ‘they are stronger/skinnier than me and either they put in a lot of work over the years or this is photo shopped. I am only at the start of my workout journey and I know this is going to be a long process but I am proud of myself for where I am at this moment. I am sure they went through this point too.’. I mean the list can go on and don’t lie to yourself because that won’t work in the long term. Just appreciate them and yourself. Be more kind to yourself.

Before And After

For this, what you are gonna want to do is search up some videos on YouTube and search up some videos of modelling or photography before and after with people so that you can see how much they have changed them. It is one thing for people to tell you that this happens but when you see all of their imperfections that you might have you will realize that they really aren’t that different to you. They just have access to this type of equipment. And try to think about what they are trying to sell. Maybe a skin care brand is doing a close up on their face. Of course nobody’s skin can be perfect so they change the look in order to make you think it will because they want the sales. They don’t care that people will be self-conscious, they just think that that insecurity will drive you to buy it. Maybe they are doing a make-up commercial so they need to make the make-up look perfect. Of course make-up artists will do the majority of the work as they have a talent, but then again there may be a few imperfections on the skin or lips or anything. All they want to do is to make you buy the product. I can assure you that every picture has been changed in some way. There are apps everywhere that people can get so don’t forget people in your school can do that too. There is an app to make it look like you got more followers and likes on Instagram so don’t worry about that either. I mean I do not have a lot of followers and yes I am a bit self-conscious about that but I am trying to learn that it is OK. So definitely try out some videos

Try To Be Kind To Yourself

Maybe after reading this, nothing will have helped. Maybe it is too hard for you to believe that and try some of the things and that is OK. To be honest, I am like that. I always give advice but can never do it myself. For anyone else out there who is like that, can I just say that you are perfect and you are doing great. I know you are finding things tough right now and you feel like everyone is judging you but please just know that you aren’t alone. There may have been a person you saw you one day and said ‘wow, they are beautiful’. And yes I am talking to you as well boys because you are human too so you can feel this way. I hope one day you can see yourself how others see you. Perfect.

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