I Dare You To Bring Out Your Inner Child

I don’t know about you but when I was a child I was so excited about everything. I remember putting my clothes all neat and tidy, in the shape of a human most times, because I had a school trip the next day. I mean that feeling was elite. Every little thing seemed so amazing. The reason I am talking about this today is because it is really snowy where I am and my sister was like ‘oh my what if we went out on the sled’ and I was like ‘wise up we are literally too old for that, we would look so dumb’. But then she started saying how you are never too old for that, well I mean I guess if you are like a 50 year old man playing out in the street with random kids it would be weird, but chances are you aren’t. And she made a fair point to be honest.

I saw in this video once where they were interviewing Cher and Meryl Streep, yes the queens themselves, and they were like ‘wow you guys look so great, how do you staying looking so young for your age?’ and they replied, listen up guys cause you wanna hear this one, ‘you just act young!’ and then they skipped off with a smile and laughter. I am not sure if they just made a joke or that was an example of staying young but for the purpose of this blog, lets stick with it being an example. So I guess it is true you know, if you harness that real wonder for the world then you will appreciate everyday.

I am just about to go out with my friends in the snow and if anyone else sees me throwing snowballs or doing a snow angel, either look away or join in. We will make the ultimate group of snow angels, It will be unmatched. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that, despite what others may say, just have some fun because we were all thinking about it. Sledding in the snow is freaking, tryna keep this PG, fun. And you can judge all you want because this snow won’t be around forever and you are gonna regret it. So eat my dust bitch, imma sled.

Actually I did end up going out in the snow. I got some of my friends and one of their families came with us. Don’t worry that is legal as we are all outside and not against the law. But literally it was so fun and of course it isn’t 100% the same. I don’t see the world in the exact same way because we’ve been shown the hard truth but it was a nice escape. When you do those types of things there is literally no way that you can focus on any political problems and maybe at the start you worry about school but if you let yourself get roped in then you kind of forget about it, even for just a split second. And that second is absolute bliss.

I think what holds people back the most is the fear of people finding out. And that is OK because we live in such a world where we can’t not think about that. One of my friends was actually talking about that and their parents were just like ‘if anyone saw you they would either ask to have a go on the sled or walk away and be jealous they didn’t have as much fun as you’ which is kind of true. People can act all tough and all but like on the inside we are all dying to have a go. I did a literal snow angel and it was freezing and embarrassing a bit but like that is what you do in the snow. Think about it this way, if you saw someone your age going sledding or doing snow angels, would you be judging them. Probably not. And although people may look like they judge you, they could just have a resting bitch face, I know my sister does. And the chances are you will never see that person again.

I guess the moral of the story is to just do what you want. You only live your life once, you never know when that snow will melt, when it will snow again and you never know you could make a friend who is just as crazy as you. But at the end of the day, people are too self absorbed to remember what you did on that day. I mean try to think back to a time where you saw something do something embarrassing. Odds are you probably can’t, but, if you can, ask yourself ‘do I really care about that anymore? Does that make me see him in a different way to this day?’. I guess that could help depending on your answers but doing something you find fun shouldn’t be stopped in order to please people. Piss them off if you need to, show them you are living your life and don’t have the time to worry about what they think of you.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope this gives you the motivation to just go have some fun. When we take life to seriously all the time it just gets so boring. I don’t know about you but I wanna look as young as Cher and Meryl Streep when I am their age. So yeah, just remember you are a bad bitch and can’t nobody tell you what to do PERIODT.


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