We Need To Normalise This

Right so this one is arriving a tad late because there are a list of things that need normalised. Obviously I am not going to write a whole book about every single thing because, well, I can’t be arsed. But yeah I am just gonna do some that all of us will probably relate to. I would also like to add, if you are a trump supporter, racist, heterosexist, transphobic, or anything within those non-accepting beliefs, you probably wont like this.

Stop Saying Homophobic

So I saw this on tiktok the other day and I thought that I just had to say it to spread the word. Now instead of saying homophobic, you should say heterosexist (heterosexism) and this is because there was study done and they came to the conclusion that homophobic doesn’t represent what it actually means. Because like heterosexist people aren’t scared of the LGBTQIA+ community, they are just messed up people. It was also like that with term ‘racism’ as well because it used to be ‘negrophobia’. The word phobia would make you think that they are scared which doesn’t fully present what it is so the words for these have been made in a way that shows it is the hate of a certain community instead of a fear. So yeah please share this to your friends so that they can all hear about this because all communities need to support each other and spreading a word that suits better is the least we can do.

Not Having Babies

As a girl, the stigma around growing up, getting married and having kids has been carved into our head from day one. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that nobody should have children, if you want kids then that is great and I wish you all the best. But what I think should be normalised is not being pressured into having one. Recently I have been hearing more and more people my age saying that they don’t think they really want to have kids in the future. They want to focus on themselves and their careers and to have freedom. And I think that is so brave of them to say that because other generations kind of just expect you to have kids and to ‘give them grand kids’ but the thing we have to remember is that this is your life. You weren’t put on this planet to repopulate the earth. I mean we kind of don’t need a higher population. Others think it sounds so selfish too, that you want to focus on yourself because you want to travel the world instead of Tesco for a bloody nappy (a diaper if you are American). I think that having kids is a complicated thing and if you aren’t sure you want to do it then don’t. Every single person has a different path in life and it is important to take your own, not the one society set out for you. Nobody should be forced into stopping their passions to make a human life, raise them, teach them everything. That might just not be what they want and people need to start respecting that.

Not Going To University

For a lot of people I would say that this is already accepted within their family but also, for many, they feel like they need to. In my house my parents just want me to do what I want, but I do still get pressure from others and society. Because I do well in school everyone says it would be a waste not to use ‘those brains’ in a university course. To be honest though, I don’t think I really want to go. I don’t want to be waist high in debt with a piece of paper that I probably wont need for my life. I mean if going to uni is what you need to get the job you want then do it because it will be worth it but if you do it without really needing to or just because you feel you have to, then don’t go. I don’t think school really represents your smartness, I mean if anything it represents your ability to read for hours in a day, have no social life, memorize everything and then, for most, forget it all and repeat. That is how I see it at least. I think they shouldn’t pressure others to join something that they don’t want to do because you would be ‘representing your high school’ or ‘making your family proud’. I mean like damn, I am sorry I don’t want to live in debt for my whole life. My parents didn’t even have to pay for their uni and that is unfair to be honest, but that’s a whole other topic.

Boy’s Mental Health

This topic has been talked about a lot lately but it still needs to be addressed because it is still an issue and needs to be understood. I am not a guy so I am just going to say, from my knowledge, why it is harder for guys to open up. I think it is because they grew up to ‘be a man’ and that ‘men don’t cry’. Even if that wasn’t said at home it was probably still an expectation in school because all the ‘popular’ kids are all ‘manly’ and strong and don’t care what anyone else thinks. I feel like a group of guy friends can be really fake at times and they may start thinking that if they actually open up and become vulnerable, then they will be banished, I guess you could say, or just looked down upon. Suicides are usually committed by males and I find that so sad because, as a woman, it is easier to talk to my friends about serious stuff because they are friendly, kind and we all understand each other. But for men, what I can see, can’t really have that open conversation with their dad or friends. But I want everyone reading this to start talking to your guy friend and genuinely talk to them. Don’t just have a conversation about the weather, but a genuine ‘how are you?’ and just be with them. Just listen and don’t try to fix anything for them. Just show that you are there for them and you accept them. Oh and yeah, we should also start complementing them more or say nice stuff to them. Not in a creepy, cat-calling way but as in, in your workplace or school, just say I like your hair cut or your glasses or something because it is never really common for guys to get compliments even though they deserve them. Men are no different to others mentally. They will have problems, worries, disorders and we all need to understand this and become more aware that this is something we need to deal with.

Making Last Minute Plans

OK so obviously this is best if you have your own car but ummm, anyways. As someone who can barely plan her shower times, I find it so boring and stressful to organise something with my friends. Like it do be stressful though and we are all so indecisive. What we need to normalise though is just being like, ‘hmm I want to go for spins’ at like 2 in the morning and then you and your friend just vibe. Too be honest though, last minute plans like these do be hitting different though. Like how the hell am I supposed to know what I want to do in a couple of days. Seriously, just let me call you at 3 pm being like ‘I’m at your front door. Get your ass up and into my car, we are going to Starbucks’ or something like that. Damn that really made me sound like a basic white bitch, cha anyways. But it really just feels different because sometimes you are in a certain mood and make plans but then later you are like ‘shit, I donny wanna do that’. But if you make last minute plans then you are in the mood and if feels so special and you feel so free I suppose. Normalise it.

Cancelling Plans

Damn, that was a quick change in emotions. This totally contradicts what I just said but look. Some days you wake up and your like ‘why the hell did I suggest to do this’ and you just aren’t in the mood. You are just tired and can’t be arsed to move outta bed. Sometimes those days come when you least expect it. But if you socially awkward or just don’t want to sound rude then you have to go out even though you really can’t be bothered. And then you have the ‘low battery’ feeling where you just feel so done in a split second. You know when you literally can’t be bothered to do anything, your socially battery has run out and you still gotta act like you having fun. What I want are for people not to be offended when I say ‘I can’t be bothered today but we can move it to another day’. Not only does it sound rude to say that but I have a twin and we have the same friends so then if one of us wants to go but the other doesn’t then what the hell we gonna do then. I mean it is a sticky situation. But yeah, NORMALISE IT! It ain’t you, it’s me boo.

PJ Days

Right so this kind of ties in with days when you just have no fucks to give. Whenever people are like ‘I shoved a whole bag of jellybeans up my ass‘ …. wait I mean ‘ I spent the whole day in my pajamas’, mums everywhere are quaking. They are like ‘oh ma god I failed my child’. OK miss drama, I just want to vibe with a cuppa tea and watch my favourite TV show, what about it. I just know that when my kid has a PJ day, Imma go up to their room like ‘as you should’, make them popcorn, and walk away. You know. Like, you ain’t lazy for having a you day. If anything I respect that. Comfort goes first am I right because normal clothes are overrated sometimes and I can’t put up with the stress of matching my clothes. I give up. Literally. PJ days are so memorable. Everything seems so much more special. Like at lunch you sit down with a sandwich or whatever like ‘ooh I’m so cosy. So… rebellious’. And also, a PJ LIFE is also acceptable. You ain’t gotta impress nobody. Just make sure you keep changing them ya nasty.

Failing Classes

Right, lets hope my mum doesn’t see this but, is it really that bad to fail a class. I mean if I am failing all of my exams the entire year then yes, maybe you should worry and get me help. But like, if I get an F one time then… it is what it is, you know. Obviously I don’t really like that subject anyways so why make a big deal of it. Like my future boss wont be like ‘you are the PERFECT person for this jo… wait, you got an F in your year 3 biology leaf topic test. Leave my office immediately’. Like I think the fuck not. Besides, if they do do that then I’ll just become my own boss. Suck on that. It puts a lot of pressure on everyone to work hard and learn a certain way but, obviously, not everyone works this way so don’t beat the child up for a corrupt schooling system. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. But seriously though, we need to stop being shamed for failing a few exams because obviously you just need to spend more time on this section or change your teaching methods. Not everyone can be arsed to memorize the structure of a bloody leaf or how to work out the angle of a triangle. And by the way this DEFINITELY is not because I just did a math exam and I am pretty sure I got everything wrong. It is just facts.

Watching Stuff That You Are A Bit Old For

I am sorry but peppa pig and the barbie movies do be hitting different. I mean I have never sat down and turned it on but like if it’s on I will be invested. One time I was at this persons house, not by choice, and I was so bored and they had an annoying child with an annoying voice and I was about to go insane. But then Peppa Pig came on. I never thought I would be so happy to see some mucky puddles. But yeah it is kind of nostalgic to be honest. All the shows you grew up with. A more simple time where your only problem was the person who beat you on the monkey bars in primary school. Oh my, that reminds me of another time when my cousin heard me and my sister complaining about life and then he was like ‘oh my I can relate. There is this boy in my class who keeps saying my name wrong and it is SOOOOOO annoying’. We just looked at him like, you have no fucking clue what is coming. Good luck kid. You are gonna need it. The other shows I loved to watch were like Charlie and Lola. When the biggest question in life was ‘is charlie a boy or a girl’. Of course that was also when we were children who had no concept of reality. Now there really is no way to know. But those were good times. Now I have to dodge a flying chair across the room and use my ruler to measure the total number of atoms in the world. Like they shit they make us learn is unbelievable. My past child self would be laughing at me. I could just imagine me talking to my past self like ‘this is gonna be you bitch’ show her my face, all the work I am given and all the stress and then just disappear. OK that sounds more demonic than I meant it to be but like I would be traumatised to tell you the truth.

‘Talking Back’ To Your Teacher Or Parent

The reason that I put the quote marks in the title is because it is called ‘talking back’ but what it really is is just stating our mind. Like it is so annoying when you want to say your point but you can’t because you need to ‘respect your elders’. Like I am sorry that you are literally ancient. Older people aren’t even the best at controlling others, I mean look at Donald Trump. Literally on his death bed but made america worse again. What I mean is that adults kind of need to lighten up a bit, just because you have nothing to back up your point doesn’t mean that we are disrespectful to you. Even in general just lighten up. It was so funny this one time when my dad came into the living room and was talking about how his friend did something, and it was a completely normal thing, and I was like ‘wow, great story dad’. If only you could see his face. It was as if I just said that northern Ireland was a part of the UK. Obviously it is but he is sensitive about the topic. I really don’t care but it is just a wee joke. Back to the story. And he was so angry and was like you are so rude. How dare you. And he proper walks out and I’m like, damn soz lol. Me and my sister where literally pissing ourselves it was so funny. But that is just an example that people think teens are always trying to be rude. No. I just have some good points that need heard. Some adults have no back bones like, they just can’t handle someone saying the last word. Like sorry I just wanted to say that I have a valid excuse for what I did/didn’t do. Teens actually do know a lot. Our opinions are solid and I mean why wouldn’t they. We grew up with the ability to find anything out by the click of a button. All I am asking is for adults to listen to us for a second and to not be so sensitive all the time.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you agree. Also I want to add that this was not meant to attack anyone. It is only for the LOLs, unless you are a trump supporter. Then it was completely targeted at you and you need to change your views. But yeah, these aren’t all that need to be normalised obviously but I mean one step at a time I suppose. Hope you subscribe, donate some change to support my blog and read more of my posts. See you later, be kind, be confident, be you PERIODT.


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