!Schools Closed Until 8th Of March!

No this is not a joke. Schools in the UK are closed. But what do we do now. How will we cope through this seemingly never ending third lock down.

To be honest, I have no clue. I mean it only clicked with me today how long away March is. I mean it is still January. Boris didn’t even promise that we would be back before Easter so I mean I don’t know what I should mentally prepare myself for. Although it sounds good out of context, ‘school shut until March’, we still have to do school from home and at this point I am like ‘well if I’m still doing school work I might as well be in school and seeing my friends.’. I am pretty sure I already made a post about lock down and what it has kind of done for teens and how we are so confused now. I mean yes there are vaccines going out, in fact my grandparents just got them today, but for some reason it still doesn’t feel like the end. Even when everyone gets the vaccine, I just can’t get it into my head that it will be over. I feel like that is only one step in a whole pile of them. It is going to be weird though, going back to school and normal life. It is weird to think that one day everything will be as it was before. No masks, no distancing, no google classroom (I hope). It will kind of be like we just got woken up after a really intense nightmare. One day we will be going on with life and then just stop when we get a wave of memory and we’ll be like ‘damn we used to have to put on a mask everyday.’. It definitely will take some time to not instantly reach for a hand sanitizer or to not go onto the road to distance from someone.

Why is this turning into a story time. Anyways. This is going to be really tough. For EVERYONE, this will be tough. But as a community we need to stick together. I know this probably sounds like the 10th motivational assembly you had in school but take it from me, a 15 year old, and not an old man with a ‘relatable’ power point behind him. People are going to deal with this in so many different ways. Maybe you will start an online business. Maybe you will start to paint. Maybe, you will create the next great dish that will change the world of food as we know it today. There was a phase in the second quarantine, which was utter crap because schools were still open’, where I had convinced myself I had just become great at art. I don’t know why but I just had the feeling. I don’t really know where I am going with this story but yeah. I think that the third times a charm so hey, something great might happen really soon that could change your life. Do something you usually wouldn’t do because you are scared of being judged because guess what? You aren’t gonna be going out and seeing those people anytime soon. Die your hair, cut your hair, try new make up, new clothes. If your bank account is up for it anyways.

What we all kind of forget whenever we get more bad news is that it isn’t always going to be this crap all the time. I mean 100 years ago they had a pandemic and they were able to recover from it, even though they didn’t have all the resources we have today. There are so many excellent and smart people out there who are trying their best to make the world better again for you, for me, for all of us. It will be hard to believe that, I know. I mean last year I was like damn I can’t wait for this to be over in a few months and go on holiday next year. Well, look at me now. As pale as the snow and with literal back issues from sitting all day. But just remember that some day in the future you will be smiling with a passport in hand, the warm sun on your face, and the feeling of possibility. New Zealand have done it already. I mean they got through it so well and although we are just taking a bit longer 😦 we will still get their. You will see your friends, you will see another day, and you will see a life without masks.

What I would love though is if everyone could comment down below something you have started that got you through lock down or something they plan to do to get you through this one. I think it would be a great reminder of how we are all going through this. It is a global pandemic and I know that nobody will be going through the exact same thing as you, but you aren’t alone. I promise. We will get through this. Subscribe to my blog and we can do this together. I try to upload everyday and please comment below if there is something you want mentioned and I will make sure to include all of them in my future posts. Lets just take this one step at a time. This pandemic ain’t gonna get the best of us.


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