What To Expect When Starting High School – Story Time Part 1

Why does this make me sound like a viral blogger. Part 1 lol. There are many things that you learn when you go into high school. Some expected things and some… unexpected things. And now you are gonna learn about some of them in the form of a story. Although I wont tell you everything because there are some things you need to learn for yourself.

The Hard Truth

So when you I went into high school, I think it would be accurate to say that I became very self-conscious. I mean, at some points I felt completely ignored, and at others I felt like I couldn’t get the eyes of me (p.s. I know they weren’t looking at me because of my looks, trust me). Everyone looked like an absolute giant and it was weird because you came from being the ‘old, mature’ ones in primary school to being the ‘weird, tiny’ ones in high school. My sister had been in 3rd year by this point, so therefore she was in the last of her annoying years. (yes there are the annoying years 1,2 and 3). But I would be like why are you always so mean to me in school. Like I would literally walk to my class alone or breathe near her and she would shove me and laugh at me. Now, don’t expect this from everyone, don’t worry, it was only that she is my sister so don’t worried about being pushed… on purpose anyways. Me and my friends always would play out in the ‘playground’ as though it was still primary school. I mean we never ran, we knew that much, but we had different phases of just being loud and obnoxious. At one point we also played with bouncy balls, yes I know, don’t judge me. But that was what everyone, in my year, would be loving. And there is a 1st year garden that is literally the worst thing. We thought we were all so special because we had our own private area. No. Just no. It was technically like a zoo exhibit. Everyone looking in at you. And no, they are not jealous. I am now in 5th year, nearly in lower 6th, and I know now that everyone in any of the years above will not like you. Now I am sorry to say that and it is nothing personal, it is just, stereotypically, 1st years are bloody annoying. Like, it is just something about them. No matter what they do, breathe, walk, look at you, you just find it aggravating. But the good thing about that is that you can use it to your advantage. No matter what you do, they will find you annoying, so, just use this year to do what you want and learn what is ‘acceptable’ in your school. It is different for every school but there are certain things you will get bullied about. But don’t worry that people will remember what stuff you did because they wont remember. They all have better things to think about, well, unless what you did is really embarrassing, but eventually nobody will really care. As long as you start to mature and know your place in the school, the others wont bother you and will start to judge the new ones. And trust me, you will look back on yourself and be like, I cannot believe I did that. How was I not beat up? But then you laugh and move on. So does everyone else. I can’t really remember a single embarrassing thing anyone else has done even though everyone has done something. So use this year to your advantage I suppose and try not to take anyone too seriously. They don’t know you so it isn’t personal.

Have I Mentioned The Teachers?

Damn, this one is tough. You know what, I could probably just cut and past the last paragraph. I am sorry but… the teachers hate 1st years too. But it is so funny because some hide it better than others. One of my math teachers would shout at us so much. No matter what we did, she would hate it. But then one day this 5th year came into our class and was having a conversation and asking what she would like for lunch as though they were best mates. I swear to god that woman changed in a flash. I watched him leave in awe. How the hell did he like her? How did he not get shouted at? And this was one of the teachers who puts their had on their desks, looks up slowly while taking their glasses of and screams. Yup. I was so shocked. But now, I don’t have her as my teacher, but some of my friends do and they literally say she is so nice. Like it is so weird. It is as though 1st years give off a bad smell, which you don’t, that just makes everyone mad. It is funny. My geography teacher is the nicest man on the earth and he gets on so well with all of the older students. But you should see him when he talks about the 1st years he just had. Like he just looks so frustrated and for no reason. And then for the teachers who seem like they like you. Maybe some of them do. I am sure there are teachers out their who like 1st years. But look, when you get older and become friendlier with the teachers, they tell you stuff. They just show another side of themselves that you never saw a few years ago. I remember my class was talking to a teacher once and they were saying how they can’t handle the 1st years and we were like ‘awk, well you loved us didn’t you?’ and she just made a face and moved on. Yeah, it really hits you how annoying you used to be. But I guess it is probably because you are still wired to the primary school way of living, and trust me, they didn’t teach primary school for a reason. It may take some longer to get wired to the high school life, but you’ll get their eventually and you wont be so scared of some of the teachers. Did you know they actually are humans too and actually are funny and kind :0 ? Wow, who would have thought.

So that is all I am going to warn you about today, but make sure to like and follow so you don’t miss the next parts coming out soon. Trust me, you will need to hear this. But just remember guys that everyone goes through this and it is all part of the process. Please donate some money to keep my content free for everyone and enjoy everyday as it comes because you don’t realize you are in the good days until you have left them PERIODT.


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