Facts School Doesn’t Teach You That Are Actually Helpful

So you know the way that literally most of the stuff in school will not benefit you at all in the future. Well, this is going to be the opposite of that, so here are some facts that are interesting and actually worth your time LOL.


If you ever think you are being followed, take the next 4 right turns

LOL, wait is this even a fact. Well it is now, if you turn right 4 times you will end back in the same spot and if the person also turns right 4 times, well… go to the nearest police station and never go to your home. So yeah, smart fact… or advice… or hacks, whatever that one is called

Water gives you superpowers… of some sort

You know when you stay in the bath, or any form of water for too long, your fingers go all wrinkly and feel so weird. Well, that is just evolution. It is supposed to give you more grip so you can be like aqua man or something. Of course the only fault is that, to be able to crawl around in the great depths of the sea, you need to be able to breathe, but you can’t, unless you have an oxygen tank. Then you are probably aware of this, so… why are you still reading this?

Only 2% of high school relationships last

So, depending on who you are, this number may be reassuring because I mean who cares if you aren’t in a relationship now because it probably wont even go anywhere. And for others you may be with someone and you are now like, well, what the fuck, that’s sad. All I have to say to you is yes, yes it is.

Bragging boosts your confidence

This is for all the people who constantly get told that they talk about themselves too much or that they always talk about that one time they won a hot dog eating contest. Well guess what, now you can just say you are trying to become more confident. ‘I don’t care what you think Karen, I’m a bad bitch and I know it’, something along the lines of that I guess. Brag all you want, it is just helping your self-progress

Only 98% of the sea has been explored

So look, if you think ‘oh my god everything is already discovered. I am never going to have a fish named after me’ blah blah blah. Well, maybe you will. It is kind of spooky though because we have already found some messed up crap. Like the wee ones with the literal light hanging out of them and like literal octopi that just punch fish for no reason. So unless you are scared of literal seaweed, which definitely 100% is not me, you should go and just find a new fish. Good luck. And if you find multiple ones could you maybe call one ‘PERIODT’ just as some extra marketing for me. Maybe even periodts.com to make it more obvious if ya know what I mean. Or maybe call one, like Bob, or Peter because imagine there was this massive shark or whale thing that just kills everything in its sight and is one of the most fascinatingly horrific things and then the news reporter is like ‘As we can see here, a wild animal has just wiped out an entire ecosystem in one second. We lost a camera man and 2 of my fingers. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob’. Like that would be quite ironic.


One of the best ways to save the environment is composting

Yo, why are we getting so environmental all of a sudden ahahah. But I mean it is true. So why you are in school learning about deforestation on mountains on paper, you can actually do something to help. I too am trying to start this although I never have the time thanks to bloody school and the sun which makes it too dark to early. I really do be using nature as an excuse for my laziness LOL.

Dogs think you can do no wrong

Listen, this is the most important fact on this page. Why? Because you need to know that if you accidentally step on their paw or step on them in the dark, they think you did that on purpose. SO RUN NOW AND SEE YOUR DOG! They need to know that you still love them and that the kick you gave them earlier was an accident… I hope.

This is great app to earn easy money

Lol, just a sneaky wee promo, although I am not sponsored and it is actually just good. It is passive income so all you need to do is click here and you can earn money while you sleep. This is a safe and legit website. I use it and it is great. I mean it ain’t gonna make you rich but it’ll make you richer than if you didn’t have it so…

The earth isn’t flat

LOL. The fact that this needs said

Vaccines aren’t a scam from the government

LOL that sounds like such a joke of a sentence but I mean it is true so like…

If you get stabbed, do not pull out the knife

Why do I sound like a doctor LOL. But yeah don’t do it. If we talk about this in terms of a bath, the knife is the plug, the bath is your body and the water is your blood. If you take the plug out, you just gonna empty the tub. Soon there will just be a bathtub. You will be unalive. Sorry I made that into a joke. Also I don’t know why I had to explain that because it was a pretty obvious idea. But anyways.

You don’t NEED toothpaste

Don’t attack me, I swear a dentist told me this. But he was like, technically toothpaste doesn’t help clean your teeth any better. It only adds fluorides and stuff like that. Of course he recommends using toothpaste but like just in case you don’t have toothpaste, you can still have healthy teeth, but with a stinky breath.

There is a higher chance that this is all a simulation than it not being a simulation

Sorry if that just gave someone like a panic attack but I mean if you think of it this way, why does it even matter? I mean life would just stay the same because we are already living in it. So the only thing that would change is that we know it is a simulation. For me I see it as a positive. I mean, we are never alone. Wait that sounds spoopy. What I mean is that everything that happens was made to happen and will be resolved eventually, we are just being tested. By the way this is all hypothetical, not that I am actually crazy by I’m just talking about what we could look at life like. I mean it would be cool and it reminds you that it doesn’t really matter what others think, but what you do to get attention from the wee people controlling us LOL.

Bonus fact – I need to stop saying LOL

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