Phone Calls Are The Worst


Literally right now I am waiting for a call from a careers advisor. My school set this up and they gave us all a time for when we will be called. Mine was supposed to be half an hour ago and my phone feels like a ticking time bomb.

I swear, phone calls are the worst thing, especially if you know they are going to happen. At the time the call was supposed to be, I was shaking like a leaf. NO, I was shacking like Bambi, on ice, wearing heals. I mean I don’t know if I put in the right number or what. I feel like this is somehow my fault, when it literally is not. Literally it feels as though the wee person could call at – LOL I just got called ahhaha. Anyways, I was talking about how I literally was scared of my phone. I was just staring it down and was jumping at every notification that I got. Because I mean you think about everything you have to say and then also about how your voice sounds over the phone. I mean my voice sounds so different when it is like recorded or anything so I have no clue what it sounds like and that literally gives me a heart attack every time I remember that. And you know the way sometimes you get that weird sound made by your throat? I always get scared that they’ll be like ‘did a dinosaur just enter your room’ or like if I swallow I always wonder if they can hear that. It is just a whole process I suppose.

The thing with calls is that, it basically a conversation where you can’t concentrate. You have all the stress of keeping the talking going but you also get distracted so you literally lose focus and then it is so awkward. Like there were times that I am like ‘ Yes I understand’ but in my head I am like what the fuck did they just say. Doesn’t it take so much energy to focus and you can’t really think about what they are saying. And then when you text someone, you have actual time to think about what you say and although it is harder to hear what they mean, I prefer to text. It doesn’t take time out of your day to text because you can answer it whenever but then you always get those people who talk about every aspect of their life. I mean I could say ‘so how was your day’ and then they would be like ‘well, it all started on the day I was born…’ and then you are there for hours, putting in sentence fillers every so often like ‘wow’, ‘serious’, ‘ahaha’ while you are literally dying inside.


It can get so awkward as well sometimes because phone calls can lag obviously. Sometimes I can’t figure out if they asked me a question or not and then they are quiet for a second so I answer something random even though they didn’t ask me something. It is funny sometimes when it lags at the exact moment you want to say something. So when you think they aren’t saying anything, you start to speak and so do they, so you stop and so do they, you start and so do they. It is so awkward. It is basically the talking version of trying to walk past someone but you keep turning to get past them but then you keep going the same way and it is so embarrassing. And the thing is, it is like that to the end. I mean why does everybody want to say goodbye first. I mean we all sound like a flock of pigeons like bye bye bye bye bye bye. And you feel rude for hanging up ahahha I just hate every aspect of it.

I guess I do have to give calls a pit of slack because they have saved me from some embarrassing moments. Like that time I spoke when I wasn’t supposed to. You can read about that in my past post here. I mean it do get you outta some sticky situations. And if you are careful you can make some prank calls on the sales people or other shops and stuff although to be honest I never really did that. Phone calls can be good, I suppose, for emergencies because I mean if you are literally dying and text me on snapchat or something, you may as well start digging your grave because I wont see it for the next 50-7 business days.

Over all, phone calls are a sin. You can get scammed. You can get pranked. You can get embarrassed. I mean the anxiety when you get one is so bad that I might just have to throw it out the window. I mean I have grown up with this technology basically all of my life, yet I hate them. I mean no matter who it is. Sometimes it could be someone I know but I would still be scared. I mean please just do a face time because my heart can’t take it any longer. Please tell me someone else feels this way too and that I am not a socially awkward freak.

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