What To Expect When Starting High School – Story Time Part 3

Wow, part 3. What an achievement. I mean I feel like you guys like these and I hope they are helpful because lots of people may have nobody to tell them what it is like. I mean of course your parents could but I mean the vibes of school have changed since they have been their if you know what I mean. In today’s post I think I am going to talk about some of the different groups you expect to find and kind of how you can spot them.


The Lads

Right so this is obviously more of a UK post and I am not really sure what it is in US terms. Maybe like the Chads, but more intimidating and non-american. But I mean we all know what Chavs or roadmen are so those guys are pretty much the lads. These people will most likely have a ski hair cut or the perm top styled one. They are always the really loud ones in class who think they are funny but really just aren’t and only get laughs from the ‘loud girls’ or other chavvy girls in the class. They always talk back to the teacher and sit so low down in the chair they are one minute away from getting scoliosis. That ain’t even a joke. Like there legs will be taking up all the room under the desk. They will all most like vape, smoke, drink everyday and ask you for homework even though you have never spoken to them in your life. You may be lucky though. You usually discover that some of them are actual decent people alter on in the the school years. Yes, you will find out some of them are creepier than you thought, if you know what I mean. But you can see that some of them are good people and just act like that in front of their friends. Just don’t expect to get anything back that they borrowed from you.

The Loud Girls

So I guess this depends on what school you go to, but these girls can be chavs or just the people who think they are better than everyone else. Try not to get caught in the trap though. I always thought that I needed to be in that group because they were so popular and got all the guys. Bitch trust me, it ain’t worth it. They have lots of ‘friends’ but always fall out and get in huge arguments. They do go out with a lot of the guys but I mean they either get cheated on or just break up the next day. I mean they take on and off relationships to the next level. These are also the people who laugh at the guys ‘jokes’ even when they aren’t funny and flick their pin-straight hair. This group of girls and the guys I was talking about are always the teachers pet. Don’t ask me why but some of the teachers literally worship them. Usually those teachers prefer the guys. Like the guys could spit in their face and they would be like LOL, but if you forget to finish one of the questions, they will rain fire on you. It is usually the PE teachers who love the girls because they usually play hockey or netball or something like that. They will literally ignore you as though the other girls have like hypnotized her. They want all the gossip and think they are best mates. Like it is weird. You kind of also want to stay out of their way if you can because if you are in a group with them, they will do nothing. They would stand up in the front of the class and just take the piss which gets so annoying. You will find out more about them when you get to school but just know that they aren’t as great as they seem. Just find some solid friends and you will be fine.


The Normal Ones

These guys don’t really have a name. Usually this group is more girls and then the guys are slightly weirder. That sounds mean but I didn’t mean it that way. The teachers that I was talking about will literally ignore your existence. Their whole attention will be on the others. No matter how hard you work they will not appreciate it. However, you will have teachers that are the nicest people. They could literally be your mum or dad, and these ones will be so nice to you. They are fed up with the others and actually watch out for us guys. They let us answer. Get our voice heard. Congratulate us. Actually talk to us. I mean these are the guys who were born to be teachers. Not the ones who despise their job and project that on us. The people in this sections actually have a personality and are nice people. They can actually keep relationships with friends and they don’t always have a boyfriend but when they do it is actually something meaningful. They do well in school, they are nice and just over all good people. Yes they may not have such a big group of friends but with the friends they do have, they have a strong bond

That is all for today really. I mean of course there are other groups but these are the main ones and the others kind of just depend on your school. Of course there are other obvious groups but I didn’t want to talk about them in case I sounded rude or offensive. They are good people too but just slightly more annoying in a different way to the lads. I think that you should just try to be yourself and whatever group you are in, you will be happy. Nobody really thinks about groups when you are in school so don’t worry about that. All I wanted to get across was the type of people you will meet just to show you that you aren’t weird for not being really loud or chavvy. Just be yourself and people will accept that. Even the annoying groups in school have a heart and they respect your confidence. Don’t let them get to you and just try to enjoy these years I guess.

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