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You know when you get that inspiration out of nowhere where you feel like your future is going to be different to everyone else. I mean, when you think about the 9 to 5 job that you grew up to believe was the better option, the safe option that gets you a family, a nice house, and in the end a decent pension, you begin to realise that it isn’t what you want. You get this moment of luxury where you think ‘wow. I could actually do this’. ‘This’ as in a well payed job where you do your own times, you get payed well, you can travel, you can live. A career which isn’t actually a ‘job’ but something you want to do. Where Mondays aren’t a burden. Where I want the weeks to go slower. Where I don’t count down the days until the holidays, but instead I can just go. Live my live the way it was meant to. Because I mean, after all, we only live once, so why not just go and do it. But then, that aftershock hits you down. Those thoughts creep back in. The thoughts that told you your whole life that you need a safe job. You need a man to work while you look after the kids and clean up. The world where you will wake up with a frown on your face just at the thought of doing work.

I mean it literally kills me when I hear my parents talk about their jobs in a way that makes it seem like they hate every second of it. I feel so bad that they can’t really get up and start a new career because I mean they are at a point in their lives where they have three teenagers who need food, who need a home, who need so much material items and emotional support. My mum or dad can’t just decide to take a risk because they know that those risks don’t only affect themselves. And I think that is what keeps me motivated. I don’t mean it as in ‘oh I don’t want to turn out like my parents’, because if I became half the woman my mum is today I would be so lucky. What I mean is that I want to start now where I am at the age where I can start something risky and the affects wouldn’t be as bad if it where to fail. My dream would be that in a few years, when I have done this and other things in the future, I would be able to go into my home, sit my parents down and tell them, ‘Mum, Dad. You never have to work another day in your lives.’. If I could pay them back in that sort of way, I wouldn’t even have returned half of what they have done for me, but I could give them the freedom they deserve. That is all I really want and I know you have probably heard this so many times but this is true. I really hope that money never becomes a problem for me and that I can provide for current family and, hopefully, my family in the future.

I guess that what I wanted to get across is that you will always get a moment where you can’t find the motivation what so ever. You will feel stranded and lost. You will feel as though it isn’t even worth it and that you could be relaxing now and work later. But what if you worked now and relaxed later. When that relaxation period is 10 times longer and 10 times larger. You just need to think to yourself about what the real reason you want to achieve that success is. Write it down if you like. But in that moment when your motivation is at its highest or when you realise why you want to do this, make sure you remember that. So many people will tell you that you can’t achieve your dream. People you know, people you don’t know. Everyone. They may laugh in your face or judge you or bully you but you need to keep going for yourself and for your future. This is going to be hard and there will be times where you want to quite and that is just part of the process but you just need too try and get back from that because if you do, and trust me on this, great things will come. You need to remember that they wont be laughing any more when you come out on the top with all you ever wanted, while they are at the bottom, scuttling to get where you are now. You don’t need to be mean to them. Just make them jealous. Show them how you are so much more resilient and successful. Just don’t give up PERIODT.


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