What Is Your Worth Now

All over tiktok and the rest of the internet, I have heard this story and I don’t know who to credit for this but I just wanted to post it here so that other people who aren’t on that side of social media can hear it.

So there was this teacher one day who stood in front of his class with a $100 bill in his hand. He held it up to his class and said “how much is this bill worth?”. They all said that it was worth $100, obviously. The teacher nodded and then scrunched the bill up in his hand. He then showed this crinkly bill to his class and repeated “how much is this bill worth now?”. They all looked confused and once again said “$100”. The continued to throw the bill on the ground, on the dirty tiles class room floor. He stood on it and smooshed it up under his dirty shoe. He held it back up to his class and once again asked “how much is this bill worth?”, and the class echoed “$100”. The teacher looked around at all his students and said “no matter what happened to that bill, no matter the damage, trauma or shit that it has gone through, it has not lost any of it’s value. So take this as a lesson kids because no matter what happens to you in life, no matter how far down you are beat, no matter if you are at breaking point, you have not lost your worth. You are still as valuable as the day you were born”.

I like that story because, in life we may feel as though some of the events we have gone through, or haven’t gone through, make us less of a person. Or that the way we look makes us less valuable and important. No what, you are still valid and worthy in this world. I mean you are worth way more than $100 obviously. I mean without me even knowing you I can say that your are priceless. No amount of money or anything in this planet could match you.

There are so many things in life that tell you that you are worthless. I mean, for example, school. They teach everybody in one singular way. They teach you piles of stuff in a short time. Piles of unnecessary stuff, if I may add. And expect everyone to achieve the same. NOOOO I mean if you can actually work in the way school teaches then I congratulate you but the way they expect others to act the same, even though it is clear that they don’t work in that way. I mean it is literally so dumb because those people are brought up to think they are stupid and it is like that saying “You can’t judge a fishes smartness on its ability to climb a tree”. I am actually pretty sure that Albert Einstein himself said that so I mean that is a pretty solid argument if you ask me. You can’t put someone in a setting that not everyone is adapted too. We don’t all work in factories anymore. So much has changed. Like in biology we learn how different we are all in every aspect of our lives and our beings, yet they continue to make us right notes, learn all the info in a couple of weeks, regurgitate that on a piece of paper, and the repeat. I mean are we not actually able to change that because there are so many wasted brains out there, so many wasted lives. I mean if we could teach in multiple ways then the cure for cancer could be found, new discoveries, new inventions, anything. The possibilities are endless. Yet that scientist, or engineer, is walking around now with their head hung low, with a bad group of people, a dead end job, all because they were taught that they were useless. But lets put it into the context of the $100 bill. That person went to school, they were bullied by teachers, spat in the face by their screams, brought down to the ground because they ‘weren’t working hard enough’ and just like the money, they were nearly completely and utterly destroyed. Expect now that person feels so useless. So different from everybody. And they can’t see that they are still as valuable as the high achievers in class. They live their days wondering what is wrong with them. But we can’t let that happen.

I think that the story can be related to anything in our lives that make us feel like crap. It is just hard for all of us to realise in the moment because we don’t have people constantly telling us that we are still valuable. We don’t have a teacher or a classroom of people telling us we are still as worthy as before. It can take time for you to realise that for yourself as well. I mean I don’t know how long, but I will tell you when I get there.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all had a good day and can see how, no matter who you are, you deserve all the chances in the world. You deserve help, you deserve love, you deserve a life. I know you may not see that now but it is true. Please like and follow if you want more content like this and maybe donate some money, if you can, so that I can keep all of my content free for everyone. Have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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