Unnecessarily Necessary Stuff I Have

Right so this is honestly like a tribute page to like Amazon I suppose (not sponsored) and how it just fulfills my weird addictions so stuff.

Wee Shower Brush Scrub

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The great thing about this is that literally anyone can use it. Well I am pretty sure all hair types can use it although you can check that on the sight. But anyway, I mean you could just use your finger or whatever but I mean this is 2021 bitch. This is way better. I mean I don’t have fingers like that to be doing the work that that wee brush does. And it is dirt cheap so like what you got to loose. I mean it helps to grow your hair, get a real good clean and just other stuff like that. For me I try to not wash my hair too often so with this I get a really good clean so I can wait a little longer. I mean I just think it makes me seem like a professional. It is kinda like a massage too but I mean it wouldn’t be opening no spa any time soon, you know what I mean.

Star Projector

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OK so I mean I guess my justification for this is that light pollution is depriving me of the stars but I mean it is nice to see them clearly and artificially, just like everything else in life. But yeah I mean I could look outside but why would I do that if they could just come into my room. To be fair they are just white lights but for the one in the picture they are like galaxy colours so just make it more… vibey (I don’t know how to say that in a non-cringey way). But yeah it is quite nice to just look at the stars which, for me, is the only thing school hasn’t ruined for me. I will cry if someday we learn about them and then suddenly all I can think about is how they are all made up of so many things blah blah blah. But yeah, 10 out of 10 do recommend.

Recipe Stand

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LOL I literally thought I was so creative until I searched up the picture because I use this to hold my school books but then I realised, everyone else does that too. Like I was walking through IKEA, as you do, and then I was like wow I am a genius. I guess not. So yeah this is in memory off my hopes and dreams. Anyway yeah, it makes it easier to hold books and makes you desk tidier and more professional looking. And the good thing for women like me is that later in life, if school doesn’t work out, we can use it for our recipes we will cook for the misogynistic world. LOL that was meant to be a joke but that got dark LOL. Umm, so anyways…

Bean Bag

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I think it was 2 years ago I got a bean bag for Christmas which, now, kind of seems like a random thing for someone to ask for but, do I regret it? No. Especially for when my friends some round, not all of the will have to sleep on the floor. It also just makes your room seem so much more cosy. My dog loves it too so I mean if that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is. I don’t use it all the time anymore but it makes lying on the ground on a bad day all the better. Just like a massive pillow. So yeah definitely a great purchase for the aesthetics or the comfort.

A Reading Light

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I don’t read… so. I mean you might read more so that would be useful but for me, I go through phases where reading sounds like the most interesting thing to do until I actually do it because that is when it gets boring. Now it is just another object in my room. I mean I don’t know why I have it but it’s cute I guess.

My sisters

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