What Has Influenced Me, A Teen, The Most?

You know that feeling when you finish a book? Neither. But I guess that it is a similar feeling to when you finish a movie at the cinema and then when you are walking out you feel like a whole new person. Please tell me we all act like that. I mean obviously not for all movies. I mean I wouldn’t walk out of ‘The Joker’ or ‘IT’ feeling motivated, you know ahhaha. For me the movies which influenced me the most, the ones where I walked out feeling like I had a new calling in life, didn’t actually influence me. Let me say that again. The movies which influenced me, didn’t actually influence me. OK I think I am making this a bit too difficult, but what I am trying to get across is that I have never been influenced by the plot as much as I have the people in the movies. It is the actors which have influenced me.

For me there are just movies that you watch and you can’t help but focus on characters, usually only the well-known ones for me, and think “they are just so inspiring”. How could you look at, lets say, Sandra Bullock, and not be proud to be a woman. I mean she is so confident and doesn’t take shit from nobody. Obviously all the actors are, well, acting, so obviously you don’t know what they are like in real life. But when I see a movie I really like, I somehow just get sucked into basically all the talk shows they have ever been on. I mean half of Graham Norton’s views are basically all me. And even there you are just stunned by how great of a person they are. Don’t even get me started on Jennifer Lawrence, I mean how can you be that perfect. She is down to earth, pretty, funny, a good actor. I mean these people are part of the reason I would love to act because then maybe I could meet one of them. I literally aspire to be as bad ass as them one day.

It literally does make me re-think my life because I am just like, how am I here when they are there, the place I want to be. How will I live my life never seeing these absolute legends. It does make me sad though because after the cinema you think ‘wow, could I get to that point in my life? I mean how could I become as great as them’, but as time goes by that way of thinking just dissolves. And it makes me sad because it is so hard to hold on to any dream in your life. I mean people can influence you so much, but for me it is hard to sustain that because there are so many things that outweigh and drown those thoughts. Whether that is school, the area you are in, the people around you, the place you live. Like for me my dream of acting and maybe some day becoming friends with these amazing people is so far from reach because, well I live in a dot of a country. How the hell am I supposed to become well-know and get good parts. And it leads me into a storm of google searches, about how people from my country have become famous. The thing is, a majority of the either had famous family or moved to LA and I mean I can’t do that any time soon obviously.

But lets move onto some of the influential guys in movies. They literally restore my faith in men. I mean I don’t have the best opinion of them due to stories, experiences and just being scared. But like these guys in movies, which I know are fake and unrealistic, but it makes me want to not settle for less. You know Jim from The Office, played by John Krasinski, I mean like you can’t go wrong with that. All I want is a respectful, funny, outgoing, confident person, but all I get here is… well nobody but that is too sad to say out loud. The only OPTIONS here are roadmen, smokers, druggies, chavs. I mean it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yes I know not all men are like that but you have to be fair, a majority are. I guess I am a bit lucky to not be talking to guys. Damn that got sad. A few examples for me are Tom Holland, John Krasinski and Will Smith. I mean you see those guys and you just think ‘they are really good people’. I am not just choosing them for their looks by the way guys, I mean I am not talking about that. What I am talking about is who they are. How they make me expect more from men. I mean not all men are slags and they prove this. Obviously I don’t know them personally but from what I can see, they are great people. They make me confident that not all men care about looks or weight or stuff like that. They are just comforting, great people when I see them in movie, one, I know it will be great, and two, it reminds me that maybe I will end up with someone nice.

Over all, the plot never affects my day to day life, but it is the people have motivate me to expect more from myself. To become more like they are, confident, outgoing, successful. People can make fun of actors and there jobs but they really do more than just star in movies. They influence and motivate people. They have such an impact on the way people think about themselves and other. Especially when you read stories from their past and you realise they didn’t have an easy journey to where they are now. You realise that your past doesn’t define your future and you can really do anything.

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