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I was watching a video today which has the author of ‘rich dad, poor dad’, Robert Kiyosaki, and he mentioned something that kind of shocked me. He was talking about his dad who had a PhD and was really successful in college, and then continued on with the topic of the video, which was the different mindsets of different people. But the thing was, as the video went on he finally said something along the lines of ‘and my poor dad, the one who got his PhD and continued his career in university’. This made me stop for a second. When I first heard about the dad who had a PhD, I thought that he was the rich one. My mind just linked the book smarts with success.

It makes me think, you know, about how we have been programmed to think in a certain way. From the start of our life we have been told that to become rich and successful, we need to do well in school. But what Kiyosaki also mentioned in his video, was that the school system don’t want you to know about money or how to make it. He said that his PhD dad told him that the government gave them orders on what to teach and what not to teach. They want to make us into employees, not bosses. Now I am not gonna go into a whole tangent about schools but what I am going to say is that, school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know. You probably already knew that though. I mean what student can look you in the eye and say, I know how to pay taxes, I know how to pay the bills, I know how to invest in stocks. I can guarantee you that only a very very small percentage can say that.

I don’t want anyone to get confused here though. I am not saying that his ‘poor dad’ is unsuccessful, because there is no definite definition of success. Maybe his dads calling was to learn a lot about a certain topic and pass it on to other generations. Maybe where he ended was his success. Money isn’t the deciding figure for everyone’s success. I mean maybe it is for you. I sure as hell no that it is part of the success for me, and that can be a controversial thing to say because people always argue that ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. Do you know what? You’re true. It can’t buy me happiness, but it can sure as hell buy me experiences which will make me happy. Money, for me, has a huge impact on what I view as success. I want to be able to live my life as I want it, while helping other on the way. I want my parents to be able to not have to work for the rest of their lives. My view of success for my future is financial freedom. You can say I am materialistic. You can say I am selfish. But I am not. Everyone has been corrupted in their views of billionaires and millionaires and so have I because you feel as though they are selfish and don’t give any money for any good. I am with you on that, I am completely with you on that. They do need to give more. But having lots of money doesn’t mean they are bad people, it just means that they have worked hard.

Over all, I just want to get across that you can’t morph your future into the expectations of other. We don’t all think the same and you shouldn’t think that doing well in school is the only option for success because, as Robert Kiyosaki showed, even a knowledgeable man was living paycheck to paycheck. You kind of just got to focus on what you can achieve and go for it. If you are interested in reading his book ‘rich dad, poor dad’ then click here and you can get one. I just ordered it too but I haven’t got it yet but I am so excited to start reading it.

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