What I Do To Survive Online School

I don’t

But I will share some tips of what I do to prolong my survival.


For me, I like to zone out whenever I am on a useless topic. And because I am zoned out for the majority of the day, I like to create a world in my head that is even slightly better than the one I am in now. For example, I go to the deepest darkest pits of hell, that’s my favourite one. Really takes your mind of how horrible your day is. Or you could imagine that you have gone into space and your helmet falls off, the good thing about that is that I am not stuck in my house and my continuous headache actually makes sense. So yeah, 10 out of 10 do recommend


Oh don’t get me wrong. I am not researching the work we are doing ahaha definitely not. Actually, I am researching ways to make money to get out of school. My teacher is literally talking about fibre and water right as I am typing this so… I am also trying affiliate marketing so hopefully blogging and marketing will get me THE HELL OUT OF HERE. Sorry for shouting. But yeah I just have the class as ‘background music’ while I look up actual useful stuff. Multi-tasking?


LOL I am not out here literally just juggling in class, well… not all the time anyways. I just have the juggling balls for some reason and just throw it at my wall and catch it or just throw it up and down. To be fair this one is a good one to do. Definitely does help to be honest. And then you could put juggling on your resume… if you want to be a clown. But anyways it is quite the fun one.

Clean My Room

If you have got to this point during class, that is when you know you have just given up completely. Me? Yeah I have got to that point in pretty much all my classes, so yeah. But somehow my room never actually gets any cleaner. Kind of just an organised mess but I mean what else am I supposed to do? Listen?


LOL I swear I don’t talk like that in real life, but like why is this kind of a bargain. Like I literally have you hooked. I got the promo codes for you. I mean I can’t just fuel your online shopping addiction with at least helping you a bit. I am currently wearing my desert sky boutique jumper and I mean comfort is one of the most important things for online school. So yeah, I won’t snitch on you. And besides, you are just supporting small businesses.

Talk To Yourself

Firstly, don’t judge. Second, I am not crazy. Lastly, It is quite fun. You don’t have to start a bloody conversation, just talk your thoughts aloud and make whatever weird noises or songs you want because I mean who is gonna hear you? Nobody you care about anyways so. Just a warning though, MAKE SURE YOUR MIC IS OFF. Please, spare the embarrassment. It can me fun to do this because you distract yourself, you don’t just hear nothing and you can say the weirdest things that you want to. You may also find that you are quite funny, ya never know.

Anyways, you will still get bored as FUCK in the end but this will slow down the process of literal diagnosed boredom. Hope you all enjoyed this and please like, follow and donate some money so that I never have to go to school EVER again. Thank you. Have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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