‘Be Positive’ And You Will Get Slapped By Me

I know that some people might get a bit… enraged by this but it is true. I just hate it when people tell me to just ‘be positive’. I mean they act as though I am just gonna stand up tall and be like ‘ya know what, you are so right’. Do you seriously think that it would be that simple. Let me just have a wee bit of a slump OK.


Of course there are some exceptions, like when someone is reading out your blood type… wow I really do hate myself for that. Now all of my followers are just gonna be middle aged dads. Well… OK let me just be serious now. The times you can say it are when a small event happens. Like you get one bad grade, or you only have one more coin left for the claw machine…

but that is just because they are literally the most meaningless things in life. I mean you don’t go up to someone who is like clinically depressed and be like ‘it’s OK, be positive’. It doesn’t work like that grandpa, life has changed since the bloody wheel was invented. It just annoys me that people blurt out the most ridiculous things like that, and the thing is, you know that a majority of the time they are actually trying to be nice, but I mean, just don’t say that.
To be honest, I am not 100% sure why this angers me like it does, but it just makes it sound as if you think that what they are going through is literally meaningless. I mean you wouldn’t go up to someone in the army who literally is in the middle of no-mans land and just be like ‘just relax’. Like what the hell do you think is going to happen when you say that? World piece will just suddenly be restored? No, you try to bloody help them. Although, in terms of mental health, the best thing to do is just be there for them and not try to fix everything.
Sometimes teachers say it as well. They will literally stand at the front of the class with a massive pile of homework and be like ‘I know I am only giving you one day to complete this all, but just be positive and you will get through it’. You know what Karen, you just changed the world. I mean I don’t think I can fear sadness ever again. As a matter of fact, let me just do everyone’s homework. Literally words can have no magical affect to make us all better. Even if you have good intentions by saying it, just still don’t do it.
There are some times in life where you can be having the worst day. One of those days where you just suddenly realise that this is how your life is gonna be forever. You look out the school bus window, at the exact same time everyday, at the exact same street where all the workers are walking home. You see that man you see every day, wearing the exact same clothing, walking around at the exact same time, exact same place, doing the exact same thing. And you see that in everyone. You can see they have all just, accepted it. And you really don’t want to become like that but everywhere you look there are lifeless people whose bodies run on a schedule, powered by the money they get to buy the bare necessities. That is what I was feeling one day when I got off the bus to walk home. Nothing had changed. I got their at the exact same time. There was the exact same person walking their dog, the sun was just setting, and this man was mowing his lawn. He looked up and spoke to me. He said ‘hey, these are the best years of your life so just be positive’. I looked back at him and I could tell he felt as though he had just made someones day. I don’t blame him or anything, I mean how could he read a teenagers mind. But I just smiled and walked on. The sadness that made me feel was so overwhelming that my heart was nearly on the floor. I just couldn’t bare that this life would only get worse. I mean it feels so impossible but I guess it’s true. I guess it is time that I just accept this life and work that office job where I work for someone else everyday. Not thinking for myself until I need to figure out what I should take out of my grocery list so that I can afford the shopping this month. My family is so great and we have been so lucky financially, but for me I just feel like I won’t get that. And it was the fact that he just said to ‘be positive’. It sounds so simple, like I should just pick myself up and enjoy every second. But how can I do that when I know it is all gonna be worthless and nothing is gonna come from it.
I suppose that is why I don’t like the phrase. I think it should be banned. Replaced with just your presence. Obviously not from a stranger, but someone you know and trust. They should just look at you with all the compassion they have because that communicates better than any word in the dictionary.

Sometimes downplaying someones emotions can be really damaging to them. Obviously, we know you don’t mean any harm, but when your head is filled with awful things, it morphs any good intentions into bad ones. I know from experience that it is like that for a lot of people. They don’t hate you for what they say, they just feel misunderstood or as though they are literally insane. You don’t need to use your words all the time. Sometimes just being there means the most.

Thank you so much for reading. I really hope this either opened your eyes on how to communicate with others, or reminded you that you aren’t crazy if your mind switches the good into bad. That isn’t your fault. Please like and follow if you enjoyed this and even leave a donation if you like. Anything is appreciated. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.



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