What I Do To Make Money As A Teenager

OK so don’t even be judging me for wanting to make a wee bit of money. I mean I just want to get out of school and not literally freeze to death. What I also want to do is help you guys do the same. Now look, you aren’t gonna literally make millions from one of these, at least I don’t think you can but if you keep at it you could probably make a good wee bit. I know that I am gonna keep using them so, yeah. Also I would like to add that I am an affiliate for some of the links in here and I will get a wee bit of a commission, just so it doesn’t look like I’m coming for your money LOL


You guys might have heard of this, but it’s a wee app where you can literally sell any service you can provide. For me, I sell my voice. LOL this ain’t no little mermaid shit, it is just that I will do audio books and stuff like that. But no, it is good and it feels very professional although it is still really easy to get everything filled in. But there are so many services you can sell on there. If you know a different language, computer software, website building, designing, logos, or anything like that then you can already start selling, and that is only a small part of it. There are so many other things that you can sell. I will leave a wee pic for you to click on and you can get onto it

Affiliate Marketing
The first question is, what the hell is affiliate marketing? And what I can tell you about that is it is kind of exactly what I just did. It is where you join an affiliate position for a brand and you just promote their product and website. And like I said on the first paragraph, I do get commission if someone were to click on it. I just like to get that across so that you guys can trust me and know that I don’t want to steal your money, I would rather direct you to someplace and get a few benefits off it. It is basically just suggesting things to people but you actually get payed. On most websites all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom and there will be the word ‘affiliate’ and then all you need to do is sign up and post these things where others can find them.
– Amazon
One of the programs I am in is in Amazon and that makes me sound all fancy but anyone can do it. It is really simple and you may have seen some on my other posts where I leave a link, sometimes those things are affiliate links but other times there aren’t. So yeah definitely go check out the Amazon one because it is one of the most well know and trusted websites. Just click here



This is a really great website where all you need to do is record your voice while you review a website. So literally you just say what you think, just anything and they pay you for it. There are ones which can go to $30 to $120 but those ones you have to do on a proper face time, so I just do the ones that are $10 dollars, and that is like £6.50 which is pretty good for only 10-15 mins of work if you ask me. Click here to get to it. You can get it on your phone as well so you can do tests whenever and wherever. Definitely a good one for those on their phones all day anyways.


Look, I know you are all probably crying at the screen saying “I thought you loved us!”. All I have to say is that at the start I was like, lets make some money, but then I was like, ya know what, this is quite fun. Totally not because I already put in money for this and can’t back out. LOL please trust me when I say I was joking about that. I actually learned that I really enjoyed this stuff because I can write about anything on my mind and whenever anyone like my posts I just get so motivated because somebody actually was interested in what I said. We all feel like we are too weird for this world and, maybe I am, but there are others out there who actually do want to hear what you have to say and it really is rewarding. I use WordPress for mine and you can use whatever you want really. You might not actually make any money off it, I know I haven’t, but it inspires me to find other ways of making money so that I can keep doing this instead of some boring desk job, although technically I am at a desk right now, but that’s beside the point.



Ok, you guys definitely think I am some type of English freak. I am not I swear. I haven’t read a book in ages, but then I heard of this book that helped people to be financially stable and I was like, well what have I got to loose. £13 to be exact. But so far it has been worth it and although yuo may be like, how will a book make you money? Well, Karen, this book will teach you the skills to use and make money, so if I didn’t have it then I wouldn’t have that knowledge or ability to make money, so there is your answer. I would consider it an asset for my future, which you would understand if you read the book. But I am gonna be nice and give you a link to that book. Just click this pic and you can get one ok!

Feature Points

I have just started this and it is one where you just submit surveys that you don’t have to record anything, just answer some questions. It is a simple points system and depending on what you do you can get a certain amount of points which can give you money on paypal or for different gift cards, it is quite good I have to say. Again I haven’t used it for too long but it is professional and I am gonna keep using it for sure. Just click on the pic and you can go try it for yourself.

Honey Gain

I have actually talked about this before. It is literally the easiest way I have made money. You definitely are gonna think this is a scam, but all you need to do is sign up and wait for the money to come rolling in. It is a source of passive income and I don’t know how to explain it without it making it sound sketchy but it is so great and yes that literally is all you do. Click below and you can get started, you’ll thank me later


I haven’t actually made money off this yet because it takes more time, but what you do is you go to a site like godaddy.com, you buy a domain for around £10 and then you sell it for more. This can be a bit risky but I have heard of some money who make piles of money from it so I am willing to take the risk if I am honest with you. It does take longer but you don’t actually have to do anything which is great. You know what to do by now, click on the pic

Sweat Coin

Do you ever go on a walk and think to yourself, “I need payed for this”. Well, it’s all sorted for you. Just get walking and your steps with actually be worth it. I suppose it could save the environment. I mean just walk and get money while you go to the store or wherever you need, without using your car, so, your welcome world. Click the pic below and you can start

Poll Pay

Ok I think I just found one of the best survey to money apps. This isn’t an ad by the way but with the other apps you may not even get to take the survey or you may have to do hundreds just to get a fiver, but with this one it is made so much more simple and I love it. Just on the picture

Thank you all so much for reading this and I hope it will come into good use for you all. I use these all and trust them all if that is any consolidation ahaha. But yeah, just one more reminder that, as an affiliate, I get a commission for any purchases, so thank you if you bought something LOL but yeah, hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT

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