My Biggest Goal In Life

There are a lot of materialistic things that make people think ‘wow, I really have made it’, like a Tesla, a mansion, a boat. And while those things are true and would be fantastic, but for me the goal I am trying to get to is a little bit different. I know that I have succeeded whenever I no longer hate Mondays. That is when I know that I am in the perfect place in life.

It has become a literal meme that everybody absolutely hates Mondays. All throughout the week they just dwell on the pain that is Monday and at the moment I am one of those people. And I have never really understood why so many adults hated Mondays. I always thought they loved their job and didn’t mind doing it for a living. I mean you picked that job for a reason right? What I didn’t expect from the answer was that they only did it for the money. Nowadays people look at the paycheck first and the actual job after because we need to live and survive and have a family. Even when I found that out I was still confused on why they didn’t just try to find something they liked because they were miserable everyday, and to be honest they still are. I don’t want to be spending my days dreaming about the weekend to come, but then one the weekend, dreading the week that is to follow. I just don’t see the point in that and I know it is a hard thing to get out of, but I think I can do it. I am not sure how but I don’t want to hate Mondays.

I want to live everyday excited because I get to do the things I enjoy and then on the weekends I enjoy the days, but I am also eager for Monday to start and mark a new week. To have a decent life we basically have to work for the most part of it, so why the hell would I choose a dead-end job, working 9 to 5 at the same boring desk in the same office, when I could take a risk, work when I want to, and soak up the joy of life. I know it is out there. I know that someday I will find what all successful people have. The ability to see the world as an opportunity. Not as a threat or a treat, but as something that will bring challenges and dreams. It sounds really cheesy to write this down, but it is true. I don’t want to hate Mondays anymore. That is not the path I want to take. No matter how many cars I have, where I live, what I wear, I will only be successful once I love Mondays.

So what is your goal in life? Comment down below if it is the same for you or if your goal is to get a car or live in a certain country, because that is equally as valid too. I hope nobody thinks I am trying to make fun of people because everyone has different goals in life, and this is mind. So yeah, please like and follow if you liked this post. Hope you have a great day, stay safe, and stay yourself PERIODT.

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