Weekly Reminder

Hi guys! You made it through the week! I am so proud of you. That week was a bloody roller coaster with all the things about the royalty and the world in general. If you live in the UK you will know that Piers Morgan has left ‘Good Morning Britain’. To add to the good news we also have less corona deaths which is a great thing. So yeah, I am so proud of everyone for actually making it to this post. Thank you for being here.


So what I thought would be a good weekly reminder for this week is to make sure everyone knows that they deserve happiness. Yup, this is something that a lot of people find really hard to accept, me included. And I am not gonna go give you ‘Ten Top Tips To Love Yourself’ because, firstly, the advice is utter crap, they literally say to get a bath and get over it. Secondly, I am no professional, so if I was to go out here and give advice, it would end very badly.

In my experience, I always questioned ‘why do I deserve to be happy while there are people out there who are doing so much worse than be’. I felt as though I was being selfish and stealing the happiness from others, when the truth is I just have the opportunity for help and so will they someday. No matter what happens in life, there is always somebody worse than you, and that may be really unhelpful to say, but what I mean is that, if you feel this way, there is never going to be a point where you say ‘I deserve to get help’. Do you get me? You need to ask yourself ‘when will I be worse enough to deserve help?’. Usually that answer is something really bad, but you need to use that to your advantage and think ‘if I am thinking about getting to that situation, then I need to get help right now before I go there’. No matter what happens in your life, whether you get overwhelmed by the smallest thing or you going through a really really tough time, you deserve help’. Everybody has different threshold for what they can cope with, and if you find it hard to cope with even the smallest thing, that isn’t something that should be ignored. The thing is, you don’t live their life, and they don’t live yours. So no matter what, if you are finding it hard to live in your situation, that is reason enough to get help. Now I do understand that is easier to say than to do but just read this when you need a reminder because it is true and it is important.

No matter what anyone else is going through, if you are struggling AT ALL, you deserve to get help. Ok? Please remember that.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked this post and it benefited you in some way. You all matter to me and I am so happy that you made it through the week. I am very proud. Please like and follow if you liked this content and wanna read more. Hope you have a great day, stay safe, and stay yourself PERIODT


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