What Is Louder? Your Mouth Or Your Eyes?

Don’t try to be all smart and say “well if you had at least one brain cell, it is obviously your mouth”. That isn’t even the answer BOB, so go away. Anyways this actually a serious post so let’ get into it.

The answer I was looking for was your eyes. I’m not tryna get all soft and stuff but it is true. I mean when you have a connection with someone the saying is that you can “look into their eyes and understand them”, not “i can look at their mouth and understand them” because all you will see is a piece of food stuck in their teeth or something like that. Maybe it is just me but like I could be deaf, but whenever I look at someone I can tell how they feel.

But like, you know what I mean, when you look into someones eyes you can see the pain in them. Somebody xuld be acting happy, a smile on their face, but when you look on their eyes you can see their story. in some way. Your mouth could scream a lie, but your eyes will scream the truth.

The thing about your eyes is that you can’t really lie with them because well firstly you may not be thinking about them and secondly it takes a lot of practise to hide your emotions with your eyes. It would be really hard to tell how someone really feels while blind folded because all you can hear is their voice. The thing about your voice is that you can say anything with it. Any word in the dictionary. You can change emotions as much as a pregnant woman.

I would also like to say that I am not a proper scientist person who analysis this stuff, I am just a sympathetic teen girl. I also want to say that, if you look at someone and you get that feeling in your stomach that they aren’t 100% themselves, ask them. Even if they sound completely fine. And even if they are genuinely fine, there is no shame in asking because then at least they know that you are here for them

So yeah, to conclude, your eyes can say so much. I know I sound cliché but they are the window to your soul but that is what makes them beautiful. So try to look someone in the eye every once in a while because you never know what they might tell you

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this benefits somebody in some way. So yeah, please like and follow if you liked this type of content. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.

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