Mum’s Have A Superpower

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mums out there. This is an appreciation post to all of you because I know that you do so much for everyone without the recognition you deserve, so on behalf of all your children, here is what we have to say…

How could you put up with us no matter what we did? But like honestly, because look back and want to punch myself because of how I treated you
Asking so many bloody question. Seriously, we all had the dumbest questions yet you would always have the answer.
Protect. You are responsible for a child’s life. I don’t know how you all don’t have a panic attack because I would be freaking out. There are so many bad people out there, no need to freak anyone out, but it is true.
Party. You were able to plan all of the best parties when I was younger but I can barely plan a day out. Seriously, how much wine did you have to drink to get through that?
Yelling. When I look back I wonder how you never just screamed at us. We were so bloody annoying yet you held it in

Mentor. It is kind of a weird way to word it, but like, you guys have to set an example for your kids and make sure they become respectful, confident, kind and many other things. That would put a lot of pressure on you because you want to show them who they should be, but that can be draining.
Outfits. How could you put up with us asking for clothes every single moment? And then when we get older we always need more money for them, but when you buy some for us we don’t appreciate it and that puts another thing on your list
Temper Tantrum. I suppose this is more of a toddler thing, but whenever you are in the store and you literally have a screaming child by your side, with people looking at you but you have no clue what to do.
Hurt. How come when your child hurts themselves you know exactly how to make them feel better. No matter how bad it is you always make it seem ok despite the fact you might be panicking inside.
Excitement. This one actually is quite a superpower. You guys always seem so excited and happy when we give a picture of a literal squiggle or if we find a flower in the garden. You make everything seem so thrilling and magical.
Repeat. You guys have to do this every single day. There are literally no breaks and mums are usually the ones that have to do it all. I can barely look after myself yet you manage to look after multiple people every day.
School. This is especially true for parents in lockdown. You quite literally have to go through school for a second time. Get the homework done, make sure they know everything, get costumes for dress-up days, go to parent-teacher interviews, and so much more. I could never

Dishes. This may be different for each household, and I am also using this to talk about everything you have to clean and other chores like that. It is usually my mum who does the cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing and every other chore under the sun. My dad may do a bit but not a fraction of what my mum does. She even does this while she is sick. Out of nowhere, there are just more dishes and more messes everywhere and I would have a breakdown, to be honest
Appointments. I am not sure if this comes with age, but where the hell does the confidence come from. I literally panic when I order food at a takeout but you have to book the appointment, talk on their behalf and do all the things I couldn’t be doing. And you just seem to always have something to talk about.
Yawning. You guys are always tired. This isn’t an attack on you lol but I am just saying that you do so much and yet you get through it despite how exhausted you are. You may sometimes get overwhelmed with it and that is totally ok. I am shocked at how that doesn’t happen more often. It just amazes me what you guys can do.

So yeah, to conclude, you guys are pretty much ELITE and I can not say how much we respect you. Although we don’t always say it, we love you so much, we are so happy to have you in our lives and we look up to you so much. Happy mothers day.

Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.

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