I’m sure you have heard this number going around a lot. If not, let me tell you what it means. This statistic shows the percentage of women who have been sexually assaulted in their life time. It shows that there are 97% too many women being assaulted. This doesn’t even take into account how many times this has happened to each and every one of them. It doesn’t shot the age of these girls. There innocence is taken from them at such a young age, yet people have the audacity to go out and say ‘not all men’. Stop saying that shit and go help us then because, as a women, I am scared of every man that walks past me. Even if I am on a busy road during the day, I am scared. And this is the reality for so many women. The number of rules is endless. Don’t walk alone, have your phone at all times, never say that you are alone, never say you haven’t been somewhere before, have your keys in between your fingers, check under your car, check there are no coins in the handle of your car, check the back of your car. And these are only a small number of what we have to do.

I have to say, I am quite lucky as I haven’t been sexually assaulted as much as other women, not to say I haven’t been, but I got off quite lightly. And it’s sad to say that really, ‘I got off lightly’, because that kind of undermines the reality. It is kind of expected that at some point this will happen to us when, in reality, nobody should have to go through this. But still, I walk everyday always aware of my surroundings, just so that I feel remotely safe. You would think I was on the run because I am always looking around me. I always walk as far to the side as I can whenever a man walks by me. And it isn’t always outside that I feel unsafe. Literally everywhere you go is a danger. On the train, in a taxi, in school.

Especially in school. They just brush it off and say ‘boys will be boys’. No, we can’t just teach them that their ways are ok. In school we are supposed to be taught how to function in society and treat other’s with respect. So why don’t we teach that to the boys. Yes I know, ‘not all men’ but there are enough men that we need it taught. Instead of teaching us how to defend ourselves, teach men how to be respectful.

And I know it is sad we have to do these things, but to make the world a safer place, this is the least we can do. We can’t let women be terrified whenever they go out. We can’t let women change clothes just because people were saying that they ‘wanted it’. It is so ridiculous that women can’t even trust the police anymore. The people who we are supposed to call whenever we are in danger. You have probably all heard of Sarah Everard lately. Her story has shook the world, but it isn’t even new. This happens everyday in every single country. But we can’t let her become just one of the statistics. We need to remember her name to keep us going and to help others. If only every sexual assault was put on the news, then you would listen. Don’t hold your breathe for that to happen though because it never will. But don’t stay quiet until one does. Help others now. Don’t let these women’s voices be heard.

97% Never forget this number



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