Numbers That Make Me See The World Differently (Do You Feel The Same Way?)

Let’s get something cleared up. I’m not about to start talking about how the number 5 gives the same vibes as purple. Because if I was we would be here all day. I am talking about statistics that make me think, lol that’s cool. Ya know? Still no? Ok, well let’s just get into it then and you will understand. Oh, and by the way, make sure you read the last one. It is the most interesting one


If you are like me, you constantly feel as though pretty much everyone in the world hates you and you will never find love… damn, that got deep. Anyways, this statistic shows that even if 99.9% of the entire worlds population despises you, there are still 6700,000 people that like you. Yup. 0.1% of the population is still a lot of bloody people. And for most people, all you need is that one person out of all those people that like you. So yeah, there are still a lot of people who love you for who you are and the only way you can find them is by being yourself. Don’t loose hope guys



Quickly, lets just think of all the things that are in the sea at the moment. So there is that wee one with the really sharp teeth at the wee light coming out of his head, first of all can we appreciate how fucking weird that is. Then there are also massive whales that are so long and heavy and awesome, but like they just vibe as though they aren’t bigger than my giant forehead. Now back to the 80%+ bit. We have only explored that much of the sea. So what does that mean? Well that means that just over 10% of the sea has been explored and there are billions of other species yet to be discovered yet we literally live on the same planet as them but we don’t even know they exist. I mean these bitches could be miles down and have literal human legs with a shark body and a gold fish head. The possibilities are endless and I am out here being scared of seaweed.


Right so let’s get something cleared up. I think we all knew that red hair was the rarest hair type, but did you know only 3% of the population have blonde hair. It kind of makes me feel special though LOL I sound like such a ‘pick me’ girl right now but I am kinda like, damn, that’s cool. That is such a small number of people and I am here just being one of those people. Famous?


100 elephants

As soon as I saw the article describe the weight of this thing in terms of ELEPHANTS I just knew it was american lol I mean that is so random but I love it. Anyways, the average weight of clouds is 100 elephants. How bloody crazy is that. I mean you look up there and think awk how cute, they look so fluffy and stuff. But in reality they could just crush your house in a second. I mean that’s an unhealthy relationship if I have ever heard one. But it is so weird how they really do just be floating up there despite their weight and, I am not weight shaming of course, but like damn, 100 ELEPHANTS. I’m impressed.


This was the most interesting one I found. I left it last because you need time to process it really. Out of all the people in the world, out of the billion people breathing right now, nobody asked. Yeah. Yep. It is true Karen. I am telling you, nobody asked.

Thank you so much for reading and I really hoped it opened your eyes to some of the things that you may not have known, yet are really cool. Anyways, please like, follow and comment if you enjoyed these figures or if you have any interesting facts too. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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