What Would You Say To That Person If You Got The Chance?

So as, per usual, I was having a wee depress sesh. This time was because I realized that I would never get the chance to meet my idol in real life. That may sound dumb but… shut up.

Anyways. After I composed myself and did a peace sign in front of the mirror, I was thinking about what I would say if I actually could meet them. Like, what would I want to make sure they knew. I’m not saying this really made it better lol because after I was sad again because I was like ‘but they will never hear that’. So yeah, let’s carry on


You may be wondering ‘who is your idol’, and I’ll tell you in a really hard riddle. Now you really need to think about this ok. She’s a bad guy. Who do you think it is? If you said Billie Eillish, well done that is right. It was in the past month that something just clicked in my head and I just became obsessed with her and her story. I’m not sure if that was because of the chip in my vaccine or what, but I just watched some of her interviews and she inspired me so much.

If I told you that I have gone through the exact same thing as her, I would be lying. (Also why do be say that, ‘i would be lying’ because I mean duh lol). But her songs are just so universally relatable no matter what. They mean so much and they are so comforting to me as though she is here telling me everything is gonna be ok. And I know if she was to read this she would instantly get a restraining order, but I look up to how she has got to the point she is at despite the way life has treated her.

But back to the point, ‘what would I say to my idol?’. Well, it is simple. I would tell her that her music and her story have saved my life. I would tell her that I am so lucky to be alive at the same time she is because I don’t know what would happen to me without her as proof there are better days. I watched her apple TV documentary and, most of the stuff I had already heard of, but actually seeing her in the moment with all of those things happening around her, it reminded you that she is a real person. I know that might sound a bit rude lol ‘she is a real person’, but what I mean by that is she has struggles, emotions, a back story. And all of that stuff that we feel so isolated for, she has gone through to. If I were to meet her I would give her a big hug and just tell her sorry for all the things she as been through. All the shit that the industry has put her through. The problem with me meeting her is that I don’t think I could ever walk away from that room because this influential teen has actually seen me. She made it this far, yet she gave her time to see me, a nobody. She has so much to give and I don’t know what words could be used to say the things I think. She makes me feel like the things I feel aren’t crazy and that it doesn’t stop you from success. She is so confident and she can be herself which is so admirable.


So over all, I would tell her how much she, and her music means to me and everyone in the world. But it will never happen. So talking about it here kind of lays it all out and it helps me to make it make sense. I hope that it can help you to. Maybe this is someone that has hurt you and there are things you want to get off your chest. What would you say to them? Picture them in your mind and talk to them with all the emotion you need and all the words you want to say. Let them know how they have changed you. For good or for bad.

Thank you all for reading this. It may have sounded absolutely ridiculous but thank you so much for actually being there to hear it I guess. I hope it helped in some way. Please like, comment and follow if you want similar content like this. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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