You Need To Think About This Whenever You Are Struggling

I am going to tell you something that everyone knows but doesn’t realise. This fact is that we all live on this floating rock that we call earth. And I know that you have all probably been told that nothing even matters anyway, but that is not always a great way to look at it. So here is my perspective.

Despite the fact that we live in a rock and missing a homework probably doesn’t matter, I still get worried about that stuff and I think I always will. But what I like to think is that these worries will someday go away and never be remembered again. Like, some day in the future it will be a memory and it most likely will not have impacted my life at all. To be fair, this is easier said than done, and I am still trying to understand this statement, but it is true. You can still get worried about the little things because it is hard to get rid of them, but at least we have the knowledge that this will pass and nobody will even remember that moment in class that your voice broke or when you leaked on your period.


Have you heard the story about that man from a couple hundred years ago who accidentally tripped someone up? No, neither have I. It probably did happen but nobody talks about it because it is so insignificant. To be honest, a majority of the time only we remember the embarrassing things that we did. Saying that the things we do wont be remembered is a really depressing thing to think about, but if we flip it to our advantage then it becomes an opportunity. If someone thinks ‘nobody will even remember the fact that I am in this play, why should I bother with any of this?’, then you need to tell them ‘exactly, eventually nobody will remember it so you might as well give it your all because in the end nobody will talk about it and you never know, maybe you will give everyone a reason to remember it because of your great performance’.

I always find that, for me, I only really remember the good stuff and whenever I see someone embarrass themselves, I forget it. And I think most other people think the same way. Because I mean anytime we do something embarrassing we think ‘I am so weird nobody has ever done anything as embarrassing as this’, but the truth is that we just haven’t heard of it because it is so unimportant. They only broadcast the successes which can be down-heartening for us as we feel like less than others, but we need to know that they might have had a million failures in between those achievements. We always feel isolated when we get embarrassed and that isn’t our fault, we have just been shielded from the embarrassment of others because it really does not matter.


So to conclude, I guess I just want you all to remember that it is ok to still get these thoughts and worries, just always have it in the back of your mind that you are the only person rethinking all of your failures and that in the future it will never even be mentioned.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this meant something to you guys and helped you in some sort of way. I would also like to share that I have made another website called Affiliateen which is about different ways you can make money online, so you can go check that out if you are interested. Please like, comment and follow if you enjoyed this post. Hope you have a great day, stay safe, and stay yourself PERIODT.


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