Socialising Is A Task

I am going to sound like the most introverted person in the world in this post but I swear that I have my reasons. First of all, let’s get something out there. We need to normalise having a people free day. This is one of the hardest things about going back to school because you literally cannot just answer someone 1 hour later because you can’t be arsed, well unless you want to be rude, but I mean no judgment here.


I love my friends so much and they are the best people in the world, but do I also leaving the group chat for a few days and then pop in one day just to say ‘lol’… yes. And I don’t even care because there are just days (everyday) where I just really do not have the power to carry a conversation because I have no clue what to say and I also just can’t be bothered. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the person either. Like, in no way is this personal. It’s not you, it’s me. But I seriously have no motivation to keep texting stuff, it is effort you know. Please tell me someone else feels this way though because I sound like a mean person whenever someone is like ‘um, I don’t do that, I like talking to people’.

The thing with school is that there is always that class where you sit next to the person that you aren’t friends with but also talk a tiny bit and then all you say to each other is ‘I am so tired’. I hate it so much! The awkwardness is like no other and I really do not appreciate it one bit you know. But on Instagram or tiktok you can literally have the most engaging conversation with a few funny videos and a like. To be fair I don’t mind those, it is just the snapchat I can’t deal with. I have stopped sending streaks which really was a struggle because I had sent them for so long, but as all things do, it had to be put down you know. It was a phase I never want to go through again because I don’t know how the hell I had the effort to do that everyday.

Can I also mention the voice notes the teacher’s send to you on google classroom. Why the FUCK are they so frightening. Like I actually start shaking and my heart is beating so fast because I feel like they are actually talking to me and as though I should be answering. It is so freaky and I am just here like ‘don’t shout at me please’ and just waiting for something bad to happen like maybe if I have completely failed them or something. I don’t even know how to explain it but it is just so intimidating. It isn’t even really a social situation but it had to be said to be honest.

Anyways, today was just a cheeky wee rant because I really just needed this to be said and I hope I find someone else relates too. I mean socialising really is tiring and the fact I actually have to answer people right away is NOT ideal. But yeah, like and follow if you liked this content. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.

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