What I Do To Survive Being In School

Key word here is survive. You wont enjoy it but you will at least make it through the day, I hope. So here it goes, and to all the people in school, good fucking luck, you are gonna need it

Empty space

I really like this one and it is really easy. So while your teacher is talking about how much they hate online school, all you are gonna do is stare at the wall. Now, make sure it is at a place where nobody would think you are staring at them. Maybe look out the window, and then just zone out. It is quite relaxing if I say so myself. You can kind of hear the teacher but you are just listening to the random thoughts in your head and you just forget that you are sitting on a chair made for someone with no backbone.



So while your teacher makes the joke about ‘it is great to see your faces again, or at least half of them’, just scream. Not outwardly of course, but like in your mind just have a rant with yourself. I find this really therapeutic but just don’t let it get to the point where you want to cry with anger because that would be a bit embarrassing to be honest. It also means you wont actually accidentally say it out loud and it can get quite intense in there. I just think about how much I bloody hate school with all my heart and how none of this even matters and life is a joke. But you can decide what you want to say.

Meaning Of Life

This may get a bit dangerous for some people, but as a way to look interested in the subject they are teaching, it is really useful. So while your teacher asks the class a question, nobody answers and they say ‘are your mics muted’ all you need to do is just think about the fact we are in the middle of nothing that is growing into something constantly and we are made out of particles that have been alive for all time and the fact that matter can’t be created or destroyed except it had to be created at some point because how could it of just appeared from nothing. I do scare myself sometimes but it helps me to not give a shit.



My skills have actually become immaculate, well for modern art anyways because this shit be looking like a 5 year old did it, but who cares. So while your teacher is secretly drinking wine in their coffee cup, all you need is paper, pen and boredom. These 3 things really go well together. You don’t even have to know what you want to draw, just draw fancy scribbles until you see something you could make out of it. Kind of like trying to make sense of the mess that is our life.


This is an interesting one. While your teacher is talking about how much they care about your mental health while they hand out a massive tests, what you want to do is really focus and see if someone can hear your thoughts. This is quite a difficult one though because you need to do it in a secret way because if you say ‘I want to see if anyone can hear my thoughts’ in your head, then they will hear it. So just scream at random moments to see if anyone jumps. So far, nobody, but is there hope, no.

Anyways, this is basically all I can do to keep me awake during school. Kind of just controlling my fall to the deepest pits of hell, I am nearly there though lol. So yeah, if you liked this content please do follow and like. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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