What Makes A Job Important?

When we grow up, we are told that doctors, teachers, lawyers and politicians are important. That, if we want to get an impactful job, these are the ones to go for. But I have been thinking lately, because a couple of years back I had been talking to someone working in my house and something clicked with me.

So, a cheeky wee story time guys. We had a man over who was covering up a huge hole in our wall and doing the plastering and stuff, whatever you call it. My mum made him a cuppa tea and told me to bring it up to him and, being the EXTREMELY extroverted character I was happy to help :/ but no, he was actually nice LOL. Anyways, so here I was, going up the stairs and I was like “tea question mark”:o and he was like “yup” :/. But then as I was going down the stairs we were just having a wee chit chat and he was like “what age are you?” so I slapped him on the face and ran away because stranger danger. No, sorry I will stop with the jokes. But I was like “15” and he was like “do you know what you want to do when you grow up” and I was like “have a life”. Ok sorry that was my last one I swear. I said a police woman maybe and he was like “that’s good. Just stay in school so you don’t end up doing plastering like me”. And that is when it clicked in my head. I wish I had said this to him but then again I was like 30 years younger and half his height so I didn’t want to look stuck up giving a pep talk to an adult. But what I realised is that he thinks his job is unimportant and that it should be avoided, but the thing is, if there were no plasterers, then everybody’s house would go to utter shit. If we didn’t have him to help us, my dad would have ended up doing a crap job at it and our house would be ugly as fuck (sorry dad). So who’s to say his job isn’t important but I know that I am greatful for his work because now our house looks nice again. Yes, maybe the whole world can’t tell that but sometimes helping one person can make a big difference in their life.


And another thing similar to this is like when someone has to work at McDonalds or a store for the rest of their lives. Yes, maybe they may not have wanted to this, but we can’t judge them for it because they make that business work. We couldn’t have a shop without a cashier or someone to restock the shelves because nothing would go the way it is supposed to. They may not seem like glamorous jobs but they are so important. We kind of just gotta look at the big picture of things because a lot of times people don’t realise how much someone means to them until they are gone. So if all the Tesco’s workers disappeared, we would be freaking out because now we don’t know where things are. We can’t return anything, all the shelves are empty, people are stealing things, causing fights, there are messes everywhere. So whether you are a worker out there who feels like there job doesn’t make an impact, just think of what would happen if you all disappeared. Let’s even say you cut the grass for a living. If all of you disappeared, there would be gardens that would grow so disgustingly long that the street isn’t pretty anymore. So many things are growing and crawling in there and they feel disappointed in their garden. But the fact that you guys are here means that people can look outside and feel proud of the place they live in. People driving by will see the street and think, damn, that is beautiful, right? And to those who judge people who don’t have a typical ‘important’ job, just know that the job they do is obviously important and if we didn’t have them we would really struggle, so have some compassion and thank them for their work because they are so important for how the community functions.

So I hope that meant something to someone. It really is true. Every job has importance and although it may be not be obvious at first thought, just think what would happen if your job didn’t exist. What would happen? What would that change for people? How would the world look? No matter the job, people will appreciate you. I mean I still appreciate the plasterer even after a couple of years because no my house, my home, is comfortable and complete. Keep your heads up and don’t let anyone put you done. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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