Mother Nature’s A Crazy Bitch

If you don’t live in NI at the moment, the weather has been fucking crazy. No joke, two days ago here was my pale ass out in the sun BOILING, and today I built 3 snowmen and a snowdog. Call me Jesus because I made some pretty good people. Sorry if that was offensive :/ But it do be crazy like. But jokes on my English teacher, pathetic fallacy is fake, I was depressed in the sun and the snow, so… Ha 😐


But yeah, I swear mother nature is on her period or something because these mood swings are something else. But at least she has a heated pillow, global warming. It do be kinda weird to think of it like that. SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMAN SOME CHOCOLATE. I really do be stereotypical with all this period shit but at least I am not an ignorant man.

The thing is though, despite the fact the weather has changed so much, they have been the 2 best types of weather. I got to go out to town without a cost, in a cute outfit and enjoy being outside. And I got to bring out my inner child in the snow. Good times I suppose. She really did us a solid because imagine if it was just sleet and coldness. I mean the audacity of it being snowy but only lies as sleet. And the audacity of it being blue skies but cold as fuck. That’s how you know mother nature is a petty bitch lol. Same though 😮


Do you know what weather literally makes me feel physically sick?! Whenever the sky is so grey it may as well be the queen, but there is a gap which lets out so much sun and the vibes just don’t match. The AUDACITY! It just doesn’t make sense and kinda ruins my day, ah well.

When I am older I defo want to live somewhere warm because, to be honest, the NI weather just ruins it. Maybe not America, for… reasons, but maybe somewhere like Spain. I kinda live there already, just without the S. LOL I swear that is a a joke, I’m ok. But yeah, I don’t really know what this post is about really but you just read it all so I guess we are both bored as fuck. Kinda just commenting on the weather and the fact it has as many mood swings as me, but hey, us girls gotta stick together.

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