A Wise Woman Once Said… and She Lived Happily Ever After

This post sounds like it is going to be really sentimental and I mean, I suppose it it, but just let me tell you what the sentence says. So, one day I was walking around town with my friends and we went into this shop just for the lols and then when I saw this I thought that I just needed it. It was actually on a card but I thought that it would be a nice decoration for my room. Now, I look at it every day and just think that I have never seen anything more powerful in my life


A wise woman one said “fuck this shit” and she lived happily ever after

I mean periodt. I now live my life like that woman because it is s true. Maybe it has gone a bit too far though because I use this whenever I have a slight inconvenience in my life. I can’t finish one of the Math questions? Fuck this shit. I am not instantly perfect at something? Fuck this shit. You know what I mean. But I guess it is a good thing to live off because you really can’t be taking life too seriously. I mean think about it. We are living on a rock flying around a ball of gas in a massive empty space that is constantly growing into some unknown thing which has been around for billions of years, yet we are made to sit in school for the first 20+ years of our life to learn about shit that doesn’t mean anything to us and we also have the audacity to care about what others think. Basically everything we know is a theory too. The structure of the earth is a theory, evolution is a theory, the atomic structure is a theory. Pretty much everything is a theory that we choose to believe as the truth. We have made giant pieces of metal fly in the sky with people in it and we have made massive skyscrapers. The world is so fucked up yet so amazing. There are so many things we know and yet we know nothing at all. It is the biggest joke and yet we take it seriously. We actually give a fuck what people think. People that will, one day, never be in our life again and will one day die and forget that time you did something embarrassing.


We gotta all stop taking life so seriously because no matter how many homework’s you miss, no matter how many times you get turned down or dumped, no matter how many times you fail, it means fuck all because it will have no massive income on any of this. Now, you can take this in the wrong way and think “then what is the point in doing any off this”, or you can take this in the better way that we just need to live our life the way we want to and get remembered as the baddest bitch who gave no fucks. It is just like the saying “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” so go and fucking do what you want because you never know, that could make an impact of others. They might be inspired by you, look up to you for years, be in history books. The thing about life is that you either get remembered for something massively impactful or nothing at all. That’s great! You won’t get remembered for the time you told someone you liked them but got rejected. You wont be remembered for the time you tripped up, or the time you failed a test, or the time you forgot the lines in a play. It may seem so big in the moment, but we all just gotta remember that this shit means nothing and that doesn’t even count for a fraction of the time of the universe. The universe will go on for billions of years so that one moment will be so insignificant that it won’t matter, so why should you dwell on it?

So if you are gonna do anything, be that wise women and say “FUCK THIS SHIT”. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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