Things That Hit Different – Actually Relatable Edition

I have so much utter crap in so many posts whenever it is clearly a middle aged mum who wants to be “relatable” with her teen children where they literally say that “cleaning your room hits different” or something like that. No. This isn’t cancel culture, but they just need to stop. So in protest, I am gonna make this post of things that I think everyone single one of us can relate to.


Sunday’s Before a Day Off
This was literally me yesterday because we have a teacher development day or some shit like that, so here I was pretty much vibing, because Sunday’s are by far one of the worst days to ever exist. Because yes we are off school but we still have the thought of having the whole week ahead and we gotta get ready both physically and mentally. But when you get a day off on Monday, you always seem to forget, so then when someone reminds you are like 😮 and your day just got better. Even if you don’t do anything that day, the vibes are just different and life is good… well, better LOL

Deep Conversations At Random Times
Now, I am not talking about some random stranger coming up to you on the train like “when we learn about the brain, the brain is learning about itself”, despite the fact that is cool, the only thing getting hit is that mans face because what the fuck. But what I mean is like when your friends are over and it gets later at night and somehow you go from talking about bloody TikTok, to talking about the meaning of life in a split second. I like it though because the conversation just flows and you just understand everything they say even though it makes no fucking sense and it isn’t even awkward because you are just there and talking about everything. It do be like that sometimes I guess


Cuppa Tea
Don’t even get me started on this. Nobody can say this is wrong because if you think this isn’t true, then I can’t trust you and you need to leave. But you know whenever you go to someones house, or you are just chilling in your room, and then someone asks “do you wanna cuppa tea?”. Bitch yes. No matter the situation, that is always the most comforting thing to hear. I could be 6 foot under and would be chuffed if someone offered me a cuppa tea. Even just the words are so comforting and you feel like they actually care about you. Gotta love a cuppa tea. But if you end up handing me tea that is as pale as me, or tea that is stronger than the rock, you will be dead to me. Sorry bout it but it is unacceptable.

Inside Jokes
Right, I definitely sound like I am such a popular person talking about my friends like this, but I am not LOL. But it just makes everything 10 times funnier because they can come from anything. Even when that person isn’t there you will be pissing yourself because you saw it happen somewhere else. But like the thing is, these jokes sound like actual crap to everyone else, which also makes it funny, but it just hits different. Especially when you are in class or something and then it comes up and you just give each other the side eye and literally start pissing yourself because nobody else understands and you can’t even laugh because you are in school. LOL, it really is the best thing.


Nice Handwriting
I’m sorry, but like how the hell do people have such nice handwriting. Because I be here literally writing as if I had just finished an essay. I actually hate it so much and sometimes I can’t even read it myself. My only exception is when you first get a book. That writing is so beautiful I could frame it and it just makes life so much better. It makes you feel so powerful and aesthetic, until the next day when you have given up. But it is nice while it lasts I guess. But some people have the AUDACITY to have good hand writing all the time. Not ideal I suppose

An Actual Good Book
Never have I ever – found a book that I actually really like. Well, except for something like “the wishing tree” which literally was the best part of my childhood. But like there would be points in my life where I would read all the time. Obviously before I got a phone, but like I was so invested in the book that I would read it every day but now they are all so predictable or just not my cuppa tea. I would love a book that was actually interesting and doesn’t blabber on with stuff that is completely irrelevant to the story. I don’t need a fucking backstory about a duck that was literally mentioned one time in a book about a murder. But yeah, a good book is a vibe.


Plans Being Cancelled
To any of my friends reading this, I do love you guys. But you gotta be honest, when you wake up on the day you are going out and you see they texted that they can’t make it and we have to cancel, it really does change the day. Not that I don’t like going out but it is just next level and you can just live your life because you know that you aren’t lonely because you did have plans but then sometimes you could not be arsed so then both of these struggles are dealt with at once. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Dinner Is Actually Ready
You know when your mum calls you down, but you wait a few seconds because you know it can’t be ready yet, and then when you do go down it still isn’t ready. That is not great. But then when they call you down and you get down and the perfect time to the point the plate has literally just been set down, you have hit the jackpot. Need to have people rushing around, getting asked to do stuff, sitting while the chicken is basically still raw. Nope, you just sit down and you are good. It is a rare thing too be fair but it is an accomplishment.


Waking Up With Rain
Stop. This is actually not as common as you think despite the fact that we live in the UK because I never really wake up when it rains, but you feel like such a main character when it does. Especially on a day off because you know you can just stay inside with a cuppa tea, in your pj’s, a movie on in the background and you just look out and it’s pouring down. It is so satisfying too and you feel so cosy. I mean I guess it is still nice on busy days, but then you gotta go outside and your school blazer starts to smell like a dead fish :/

Exam Week
This one hits different, but in a bad way. I don’t know how to describe it but it feels like you are in a completely different place. Like, you go in and the tension just hits you. It feels so evil and I literally hate it. But then as soon as that is over it goes back to normal. Make it make sense because I literally hate exam week for so many reasons.


So anyways, I guess that is it. Comment down below if you feel the same way or have any other things that hit different. But yeah, I will see you tomorrow. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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