Sometimes Smaller Is Better

To all you creeps out there that thought of something else when they read this title, go away lol. We are talking about the fact that ANYTHING is better when it is tiny. Even though it is usually so overpriced and a complete waste, they are so freaking cute. Currently, I don’t actually own anything tiny which is probably one of the biggest problems in my life at the moment. Well, besides my mental health LOL. But if you disagree with me, I will convert you into loving miniature stuff. And if you agree with me, then you will still love this post because it will be very cute. I will also leave links to things so you guys can check it out and by one if you like.


Mini Microphone

You can’t even fight me on this. I mean have you not seen all the people on tiktok interviewing their dogs with these things and they are just living their best life. I have been wanting to get one of these but my family literally think I am just wasting my money, but honestly I think this is a solid investment and they will all be jealous when I am living my best life with a mini microphone. Although, I do think it will become my new personality because I will be using it all the time and that kind of scares me, but it is worth the risk I think. I mean how funny would it be to just whip out one of those things in a serious situation when you are sending snaps to your friends. And humour is my coping mechanism so if anything, this will benefit my mental health, or it will be a product of my breakdown. But either way, it will be a fun investment. But imagine when we are all oldies and we are showing our grand-kids some of our old stuff from when we were kids and then we just pop out one of these things. I mean that is quality comedy I feel like, and we will definitely be the cool grannies. If you think of it, we look back and see how they used massive machines to make amazing things, but then when we look back on what we have now, it is just a whole fucking joke. I feel like that really reflects the mental state of our generation. If you want one, which you probably do, then click here or on the picture below.


Mini Brands

You guys have 100% seen these things on tiktok, or you are literally living on Mars. But, if you haven’t seen these, it is basically a wee ball which has different compartments that you can open and inside each one is a tiny version of products we see everywhere and you can try and collect them all. The thing about them though is that it is actually good quality because it isn’t just a piece of paper with the product printed on it. There are literal ones with the ninja turtles toy inside. It is pretty much like they got the real thing and used Dr doofenshmirtz’s shrinkinator on it. It really is next level and I definitely believe it is worth the money because, I mean duh. Just look at them. I would put all of my money towards these things, cry about it, but then enjoy opening them all. Also did you guys know there is literally a “list of inators” and I know worship it like the bible. To get the mini brands collection balls you can click here or on the picture below.


Popin’ Cookin’

I really did just bring back a whole era. These things where everywhere during the time that YouTube was elite because none of us really had Netflix. I just remember watching them do it and it was so amazing. It looked so tricky, yet so satisfying because it had the wee molds and stuff. It was really funny as well because the instructions are in Japanese or Mandarin, I don’t quite remember, but they would just go for it and it always ended well. You also get wee mini equipment with it which would be completely useless for anything else, but was basically what Ratatouille would be using or something. I have yet to get one, but it is definitely on my bucket list. My bucket list is pretty short lol. They look so cool though and I hope you guys have fun with them. There are literally so many that you could make a bloody restaurant with them. Who has Ratatouille’s number? If you want a mini sushi one, click here or on the sushi picture below. If you want a donut one then click here or on the picture below. If you want a ramen one then click here or on the picture below. If you want any others, just click on any of the links below and then if you scroll down the amazon page you will see something like “related products” where there are more meals.

Baby Clothes

Obviously I am not gonna link to any baby clothes because firstly, it is weird to have them if you don’t have a baby, and secondly, if you have a baby, you probably have clothes for them already. But anyways, I literally get baby fever every time I see how small their socks and shoes are. I don’t know if this is just me, but I can not walk past baby clothes without letting people know that I walked past them. I could literally be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and I would still be like “awwwwww look how small their shoes are” in a high pitched voice. It is as if I forget they are so small, but they literally make my day. Especially when it is just a smaller version of your clothes because it makes it seem so funny yet adorable at the same time. I would be walking by and then cry “this is the same as mine but just TINY” and then move on with my life. The thing is though, I would buy all these clothes for my baby, but then the next day they would have basically grown out of it and then my money is wasted, but then at least that means I can be THAT MUM that tortures their child by showing them all the clothes and photos from when they were younger. Can’t wait. Well, I can because I am 15 and don’t want a living vomit machine at the moment but like, in the future.


Travel Size

These things are the spawn of Satan for the planet because one bottle of shampoo literally lasts one shower, but you don’t use them all the time so it is fine, right? And again, it isn’t when they just use a normal small bottle, it is when they keep it the exact same as the normal size version, but just tinier. It is so exciting, but so overpriced, but then again the deodorant looks the exact same as my normal sized one! I literally spend all of my time in Tescos or Superdrug just staring at these and pointing out every time I see a cute one, which is basically all of them. This is definitely one of the best things about traveling, well I mean apart from the actual trip of course. But you know when you were younger and your mum would buy you a magazine for the journey and it was like the best day of your life. I am gonna buy my kids wee mini travel stuff. Ok, obviously not but I mean I would be chuffed with that to be honest. One time I saw a wee tiny floss thing and it was literally £1.50 and the length of my hand, but I was near buying it. That is a fun pass time though.

click here for mini hair straightener

Anyways, I think that everyone who has got to this point is now in love with mini things and I applaud you. Please feel free to comment below any other tiny things you like and like and follow for more content like this. I would also like to say that the links in this blog are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I might get a small commission. But yeah, I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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