The Maybe Story

Today I wanted to share a story with you guys that I heard a while back. It is a random story but yet it has a big meaning behind it. So grab a cuppa tea and enjoy.


There was this old Chinese farmer who spent all of his days working on his crops, until one day his horse ran away. When the word got around, his neighbors would come over saying “that is so bad”, “that is so unlucky” and “we are so sorry”. And he would look at them, shrug and then say “maybe”. A few days later, he woke up to see his horse had come back and had brought more wild horses with it. Again, the neighbors found out and came running over to his farm shouting “this is so great”, “how lucky” and “you must be so happy”. And again, the farmer shrugged and said “maybe”. The next day, his son was riding one of the horses around the field, when it started leaping up and threw his son, breaking his leg. Just like clockwork, the neighbors came with sorry faces crying “this is awful”, “how unlucky” and “you must be sad”. Once again, he shrugged and said “maybe”. The next day the soldiers came around to each and every house, taking ever able young man to fight in the war. When they got to the farm, they took one look at the son and thought “he has a broken leg. He will be no good for us” and they drove off. Now all the neighbors came over. They were talking about how their sons were taken away and were rambling on about how lucky and happy he must be.


You see, that whole time, his neighbors thought he was absolutely crazy because no matter what happened to him, he always reacted with “maybe”. He never assumed anything of a situation. And all the time, things changed, something bad came from the good, but something good happened from the bad. So instead of overthinking the negatives, and crying over everything, he saw it as fate, as though it needed to happen. Why I think this story is so great is because it shows that we can’t look at every situation in black and white. Every situation isn’t just good or bad. But if we do look at it in this way, life is going to get really tough because we don’t realise that things happen for a reason, and that maybe something like breaking your leg, will make such a difference on your future. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, be like the farmer. We have no clue what is to come next or what it will do to our future, so we need to fix how we view situations. You could focus on the negatives, or you could look for the positives. Just don’ believe that your life sucks, because something great is just around the corner and we gotta wait for it. I believe everything happens for a reason, and if you are going through really tough shit right now, something great will come from it. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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