The “Snowflake” Generation | Time For The Truth

Lately this whole “snowflake generation” thing has become a universally known term to describe Gen z. They say it because we are to sensitive or fragile, because, well, I guess we take things too seriously or we are too awkward to do certain things like standing up for ourselves. And I know that you are all going to comment things like “complaining about being a snowflake makes you a snowflake” and “wow they really are sensitive” but I just kinda wanted to shed a little light on what I, a Gen Z, think of the title.


The other day we were talking about some of the words that we can’t say for obvious reason. For example, as a white person there are words I can’t say and other things like that. And then the adults were kind of talking about how “you can say these words just don’t say them to other people” and they were talking about how we can say it. Now I just looked at them so confused because they were rambling on about this, and if I said anything about it, such as “we don’t have the right to say that whether or not it is in a song, or a book or a general conversation”, I would be hit with the “your such a snowflake lol” and that would be the conversation over. But that just really annoys me because I feel like that is just the right thing. Just a way to educate people that despite the fact you think it is ok to say certain things, it really isn’t and we need to change how we act sometimes. So for me at least, I don’t think that standing up for what is right shouldn’t be labeled as being too fragile. Maybe our generation is trying to teach the older generations that times have changed and we want to start improving certain things that they would have seen as normal.


I also find that my way of talking to my friends or my sisters is a lot different to how older generation do it. Like, me and my sister could be just being sarcastic and ‘mean’ to each other, but like in a jokey way, and my mum would be raging and saying we should be nicer, but that is just how we communicate. We tend to make a lot more jokes than other people and they don’t take that very well. For example, my dad came in and was talking about something that he made sound really dramatic but pretty much was just about how his friend bought something in the shop or something like that and I was like “wow that was such a great story dad”, but like sarcastically and he was so offended. I just looked at him and back at my sister and I was so confused because it was pretty obviously a joke. And then whenever my sister would be like “that garden is so ugly” or something random like that, I would go “you’re so ugly” and then we just laugh it off. Basically we say random jokes and kind of shows that we are close enough and respect each other enough to do that, but then my parents would literally be calling a therapist because she thinks I am bullying her or something. So if we really are “snowflakes”, then why would we be talking to each other like that. We don’t even take offense to it, but the older generation do. So who is the snowflake now bitches.


My other argument for it is that I feel like a lot of people call us snowflakes because of our mental health situation. Like all the Karen’s will be talking about how everyone is depressed or mentally ill because we take things so seriously and we just need to relax, but then they ignore the actual reason so many of us are mentally unstable. Let me just name 5 points for now, just as a wee eye opener ok. There is school, social media, global warming, pandemic, meeting parents expectations… oh wait we are at 5 already. Damn, I didn’t even get warmed up. Now you can look at that list and think “well we went through multiple of those things too” and yes, you did, well done, but times have changed since you were at school and there are more pressures and problems at the moment. In the past, you didn’t have to pay for university. You didn’t have social media which is so confusing and impactful in our lives. You had global warming but you kind of caused it and didn’t change things when you could and now you are leaving it all up to us to fix it and also blaming us for it. You weren’t told that we only have to 2050 before it is controllable. Unless you are over 100 years old, you have never been in a global pandemic. You have most likely not had pretty much all of your important school years at home, where you had to teach it to yourself and nothing stayed normal for more that 1 hour. And the last one, parents expectations, you guys did have this too and I know that. It was a big one for all of us but I put it in just to remind you that we don’t try to disappoint you, no matter what we do. I know for a fact that we all want to make you proud, and that can be stressful sometimes. So maybe think about the real reason behind our mental state before you go off blaming it on the fact we are too sensitive, because maybe you should blame it on the fact we are too tired.

So you can call us snowflakes if you want, but snowflakes make an avalanche and that is what we are. Our generation is going to make a change and we are going to create something strong and powerful. I know that is cheesy as fuck, but I think it makes sense. Maybe as individuals we seem “fragile” but when we are all together, there is nothing stopping us PERIODT.


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