Weekly Reminder | Who Is The Baddest B*tch?

For the past couple of weeks I have been making more comforting weekly reminders, but it’s about time we speed this shit up. Its time for some hype and I am here for it. This is gonna be cringed as fuck but I don’t give a crap because it is what it is and nobody even cares!


You see, we live our whole life wondering “what will they think about me” and “that will be embarrassing” as if we should give a fuck. You are the baddest bitch and nobody can top it. If they are judging you, they just are pointing out the things they wish they had. I’m not about to go and preach “life is short” because I think it is a fucking long time to be honest, but no matter how long you live, there is no time for crap and you should be using that time to live your best life. I mean think of it. What good comes out of thinking about what others think? Literally nothing. You get fake friends. You have low self-esteem and you most likely live in fear id being caught. But when you live like you want, you may have less friends, but those that you have are the best, and you don’t have to be fake, you are more comfortable being yourself.


It is always when after you change yourself that you realise it was a mistake, so let me save you the time. If you are thinking about everyone else but yourself when making a decision, don’t fucking do it. Block out all the noise telling you that it matters what they think because chances are they don’t give a fuck and chances are they aren’t going to benefit you at all. Whether you like it or not, you are the only thing that matters, and for some reason we can never accept that, but if anyone dares tell you otherwise just remember what a bad bitch you are. You don’t need the validation of any fucking person because you are all you need and others are just a bonus. You need to live your best life, and you need to block out any person that tries to take that away from you because they have no right to take your shine. So whenever you go out to a party, or even just to the supermarket, you go in like the confident bitch you are because people should be honored to even say hello to you. You are one of the greatest people in that room and can’t nobody tell you otherwise.


So don’t you dare listen to anyone else. Listen to this and only this because everyone else is telling lies, but this is the truth and I know it. You need to know it too. Take a look what you can do and have done. You have gone through a pandemic, through life, your live on the ‘Goldilocks’ planet, breathing, sleeping, digesting, putting smiles on peoples faces, changing the world with every step you make. Nobody like you has ever or will ever be on this planet, so you gotta show them all that you got. Go down in history because you are so amazing and unique and inspiring. I love you and so do so many other people. Make sure nobody ever underestimates you. You are worth so much more than their time and their thoughts and all the things that they judge you for. Live the life you want and shout “eat my dust bitches”. Become friends with those on your level, the ones who match your speed. And if they start to slow done, you keep going. You keep doing what you need to do because that is what you want to do and nobody should take that goal away from you. PERIODT



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