What I am Doing To Help The Environment | What Are You Doing?

Hey there guys. So a while back, when I was volunteering at this run, an older guy was with me and others. They started chatting about how much rubbish there was everywhere and how global warming is getting really bad. Being the youngest there by at least 15 years, I didn’t really say much, oh and also because I am very socially awkward. And being socially awkward, the only time I talked was at the wrong time. The one guy said “this summer is supposed to be quite warm” and I was like “oh I hope so, that would be nice” and he looked at me as if I just insulted his entire family. I had kind of forgotten about their whole global warming conversation, so he was saying about how it will be warm because of pollution and all that. Then he said, “that isn’t a good thing, but I guess your generation just don’t care about this type of stuff”. And I just looked at him in kind of disbelief, and I swear, if “respect your elders” wasn’t a thing, I would have been having a proper show-down how-down with this bitch. But instead, I just stood there for another 30 minutes having to contain my anger. What the fuck does he mean by “you generation just don’t care”. Have you not seen bloody Greta Thunberg? Did you just forget that your generation is the ones that caused all this global warming shit? Did you think about that!? I think the fuck not. Anyways, that is not the point of this post hahaha so let’s get into it.


Since then, I have been even more determined to make a difference on the earth. Preferably a positive one lol. And I also wanted to do it in a modern way to show that the technology we use today, isn’t destroying our generation, and to show that moving forwards is the right way to go. And being the teen (who hates school with a passion and will do anything to never have to go and work again) I am, I decided I would make a cheeky wee business. And with that, I present to you, Entorno.

This website contains only eco-friendly products. That means they will help to reduce the waste that we create every day, both with energy and physical products. The products I have on at the moment include,
– water bottles
– metal straws
– reusable shopping bag
– reusable face masks
– reusable lunch box
– solar power bank


With these products, I hope to let people feel certain that what they are buying can help to make a difference. Although it will require shipping to get to people’s houses, over all, the reduce in plastic waste and non-renewable energy, will hopefully make more of a positive impact over all. Now I only have a few products on there at the moment, but I am hoping that in the future I will be able to widen the selection, however due to money and all that stuff, I will have to wait for a bit, so make sure that you keep up to date with the site, but I will make sure to keep you updated here. You see, although going out and picking up rubbish and walking/cycling instead of driving is really good and really helps our environment, don’t you think it would be better to pull out the root of the problem. It’s like weeds. If you cut off the top of it, you won’t be able to see it anymore which is great as that is what you want, but it will keep growing back no matter how many times you cut off the top. However, if you get your hands dirty and pull out the weed and all it’s roots, it won’t grow back. Now obviously, that doesn’t completely solve the problem, but it slows down the process of so many more weeds spreading. So let’s compare this to global warming and pollution. If you get the trash of the streets and walk more instead of using petrol/diesel cars, it is like cutting off the top of the weed. You can’t see it anymore and it looks as though you are solving the problem. But the truth is, the roots are still there, and in this case that means that people are still using all the plastic, non-reusable waste, and eventually they will need to use there cars. There are hundreds of cars moving every single second, and that only accounts for one town. So what do we need to do? PULL OUT THE ROOTS! We need to completely get rid of plastic, we need to replace non-reusable with reusable, we need to have electric cars powered my renewable energy. And I know that is easier said than done, and I know that will take a lot of hard work. But in the words of Mary Poppins “well, the quicker your into it, the quicker your out of it”.


So let’s stop moaning, blaming and talking about it. Let’s start working together to make it right again. To bring back life to earth before it is too late. They say we only have until 2050 before the effects of climate change become irreversible, so literally every second count. And although 30 years may seem like a lot, we have no time to spare, so every little thing you do makes such a difference. Let’s start this story off right so that we can tell our grandkids the time the world came together and saved the wonderful planet we live in, instead of telling them what it was like before darkness and misery spread the earth. Don’t let nature be a part of history class, let nature be a part of the future. So please, doing anything that will help me with this business idea. If you can’t purchase anything at the moment, please like, comment, follow and share so that we can get our plan across to others. Because no matter who caused this to happen, we are all in it now and we all need to work together to restore the beauty of planet earth. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.



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