Could I Be Bothered? | Part 3

Hey guys. So this week has been a very “what the fuck” week if you get me. Like there are a lot of moments where I have been asking myself “what is even the point lol”. NO, I don’t mean that in a mentally ill kinda way, but like when I am told to do things or I see someone doing something, I am just wondering why the fuck I would do it


A marathon
Do I really need to say anymore? I mean why the hell would I be like “on my time on this earth, I will only feel proud when I can run a fucking long distance”. Bitch what sort of trauma do you have because that isn’t sane people shit. Like I am sorry but why would you want to. You would get so bloody bored as well. So you are sore, tired and bored, I go through that all on a regular bases anyways, so I don’t really see the need to run to get those things. I mean I suppose I could see if it is for a charity, but like Mo Farah and other Olympian people literally do it as a warm up or something. I used to run and do 5k but that shit was so boring and I hated every second of it. To any runners out there, are you ok?


I just know that my friends are reading this like “will this bitch ever let it go” because we are making a bucket list of things to do during summer and a couple of them were like absolutely, camping is such a great idea, and me and others are like “but why”. But like seriously, this needs talked about. Why would I willing sleep outside, in the cold, where there is no body that can hear me scream, no help near, I have to piss in the woods, sleep with insects, get all smelly, have to carry a bunch of things there and back, not have a very nice meal, literally be kidnapped etc. When I could literally be warm in my bed, watching a movie, hear the rain from the comfort of my house, no insects, have nice food, not have to carry anything anywhere, relax, piss in an actual toilet, and have less chance of being murdered in my sleep. Like give me a reason why camping sounds better? There argument was that it is an adventure and unique, but bitch the only thing making it unique is that you won’t be able to do it again because you are dead. Like… And it is hardly like you are going to do anything groundbreaking when you get there. Like you are hardly going to set up a tent on top of dinosaur bones, or right next to a top-secret Russian spy base. Like we live in Northern Ireland. The most you are going to find is an empty Guinness can.


I am definitely not mentioning this just because I never have a chance with going out with anyone, so don’t get that idea in your head :/ But in all seriousness, are you telling me I have to pay attention and talk to them on a regular bases and leave my house? I don’t do that with my friends so why would a man be any difference? I have been in a relationship once and, maybe it was just the guy, but it really ain’t all roses and kisses. Like it is tiring as fuck. Maybe if you find an actual nice person, but like other than that I could not be bothered. I really have lost all faith in men at the moment so maybe I am biased. But at the moment I am fine with just living in my shell, only talking to people when I have an ounce of sanity, and having no real responsibility to go out with people and be interesting. lol


The Responsibilities of Being Famous
I am not gonna lie. I feel like it would be cool to be famous and have a bunch of people who know you and actually like you, but then you hear so many stories and then I am like “ok maybe no”. Like they have to go to award ceremonies, talk to people, act happy all the time, always say the right thing, always have to post and be active on social media and things like that. They all have really busy lifestyles, and for me productive day is having a shower. Like maybe I am just having a mental breakdown, but surely they have them too and they still need to keep on doing so many things. Maybe it is worth it, I will never really know that, but like do they ever just get a day to stay at home and do literally nothing?


Being a Mum
So this one might be a controversial, might get on some people’s nerves, but like if it does you are probably a misogynistic twat so… But what I mean is that, I would like to have children and be a mum, but it is the things you have to do as a mum that gets me. Not even the dirty nappy’s or the no sleep part, but the fact that I feel as though mums are still the people doing all the house work. At least it is like that in my family. My mum has a job, like my dad, but she does more work in the office, at home, does the dishes, makes the dinner, cleans, brings us to and from school, the laundry, literally everything. I am not sure if it is like that for all people but it is for me and although I try to help out, I can’t do enough to help her. My dad just works and does the dishes/makes dinner whenever he actually has to. The reason I said this might be a bit controversial is because some people will definitely say “oh well women are supposed to be in the kitchen. They are supposed to do those jobs” and I am not saying all of these things should be put onto men, but like why can’t it be equal work for both of us. I don’t want to become a mum if it means it will turn into the traditional gender roles in society, you know.


Lol anyways, this is kinda what I think about sometimes. It really got a bit deep at the end there didn’t it but like oh well. Please like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this type of content. I think it is a wee bit of a laugh and I enjoy it. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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