Weekly Reminder

Hi guys. This post is quite late but I am sure none of you really care about that. The truth is though, this week has been tough and I don’t want to hide that from you all because despite the fact I usually upload positive content and jokes etc. my life is not perfect. Not one single bit. I just wanted to be honest with you guys because it is ok to have a hard time with things and you aren’t weird for feeling that way. I am not quite sure what to write in the rest of this and I am going to keep it short because, well, long story short, I am very exhausted in more ways than one.


I guess I just wanted to remind you all that social media is the fakest thing on this earth. More fake than that ‘pick me’ girl in the back of your class. Like the pictures you see of men with rock hard abs or girls with the ‘perfect body’ are all utter bullshit. They are put into the perfect position where the lighting is great and the makeup is on point, and then for the imperfections that are inevitable, they are photoshopped. I know you all know this anyway, but it can be so bloody easy to remember. I could look through one person’s Instagram and see how they have the perfect life with a bunch of friends, a massive house, a massive yacht, going all over the world, and at that moment it is as if everything I have ever been told doesn’t count them in it. Every other photo on Instagram is fake, except this one right here. But how? When you say it out loud it makes no fucking sense but when you look at a post, it seems like the truth. And then you scroll on and the same thing happens, and again and again and again. But what we need to ask ourselves is “have we ever seen a picture of someone in their bedroom crying, or someone feeling lonely and lost and depressed?”. That answer is most likely no. And why is that? Well, because that doesn’t get views. It may at one point but it could ruin their whole presence on social media for the rest of their life. If you saw a video of someone complaining about how miserable they were while on a sunny beach in Greece, would you subscribe to them and adore them? Or would you scoff at them and call them entitled. It’s ok if you do scoff at them. It is completely human nature because from the outside they look like pricks. And that is my point. They are fake because they have to, and despite the fact we support those who are open and honest, their career gets shot down when they do.


So don’t get the impression that I am trying to put the blame onto society for being hypocritical or something like that, but I just wanted to remind you that people don’t like to put the sad moments of their life where everyone can see them and they only put the moments online that look like they are having the best day in the world. Even if they are happy in that moment, the next day they could be unable to get out of bed, and so they won’t post anything, and you won’t see that. So no matter how someone looks in terms of their body or their emotion, that isn’t the whole picture. We aren’t shown the whole picture and we may never know, but we need to believe that there is one and that, just like normal human beings, they aren’t perfect and neither is their life so we can’t compare ourselves to that one tiny moment of their lives. You are brilliant, you are much more than anyone knows, nobody should ever underestimate your strength, and you need to understand that everyone is blessed to have you in their life. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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