What I Do To Get Ready For Bed

This isn’t your regular “get ready with me” bull shit. This is some relatable content. I’m not about to say “I write down everything I love in this world. I smile because life is great!” Nope because who the actual hell even does that? So, prepare to feel stalked because my bedtime routine is going to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Usually I get ready to get to bed at around 9. Now this doesn’t mean I am about to fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, but I get ready to just lie around for the next 2 to 3 hours, as per usual. By 9 I am already in my pjs so that is one thing done and I have also had a cuppa tea so I’m in the bedtime feeling if you know what I mean. I get all the boring as shit done and over with like washing my face and brushing my teeth. But because I am such a pro dentist, I have until it is half an hour since I brushed my teeth because of acid and teeth and all that crap. It does fuck all I think but I feel very… como se dice… grown up. While I am doing those things though, I never want it to be silent, so there is literally a boring ass tiktok video repeating itself like 10 times until I can finally swipe it with my finger. It’s bloody annoying but better than nothing. I also do that when am brushing my teeth which is actually really pointless because I literally can’t hear anything because I have an electric toothbrush but again, worth it. Then after that I usually walk between my room and my bathroom around 9 to 10 times because I always seem to forget something. The amount of times I have forgotten my glasses until the next morning when I am literally blind as a bat is literally embarrassing. Like my brain just doesn’t give a shit by the end of the day.


So when that whole process is over, I switch on the LED lights. I try to keep them fitting with my mood, you know. It hasn’t been on green for a while :/ but anyways, then I am just vibing and trying to get all comfy while I watch more tiktok or just any series on Netflix. Although, it can’t be a scary one because if it is I always feel like someone else is in my bed. That will be quite difficult when I eventually get married and end up punching my husband in the face because I thought he was the green ghost from ghost busters, but oh well, that will be his problem. In all honesty though, why can you never find a comfy position when trying to lie in bed. I mean it is so random because during the night I could be sleeping like a fucking mushed banana and be comfy as shit, but I could be in a normal position while I’m awake and feel like I’m in Shrek’s swamp or something. But anyways, I like to get to that point where my eyes are so heavy I physically cannot open them, but you can also measure it by whether or not you have got to the Indian digger, mansion people on YouTube. I gotta give it to them, they make some good content. But after a few of their videos I know that it is probably best to not get any further. I do wonder what is after that stage. The answer to life? Who knows.


Now comes the time that you turn your phone off. This can really resort in a number of things, let me list them for you.
– Crying
– Existential Crisis
– Embarrassing moments
– Not feeling tired any more so you roll around for ages
– Going back on your phone because your bored as shit
– Making up a dream world to fall asleep to
I guess that is a few of them, but depending on who you are I suppose there are more. The most rare one is actually falling asleep. For me that stage only comes after completing 3 or 4 of the above. But it’s all a bit of fun. My real genuine question though, completely off topic, is there a quick moment where we suddenly just switch off and we are like unconscious, or is it like a gradual thing because we never know when we fall asleep until we wake up, but yet we witness it everyday. Like isn’t that weird and scary that there is a point where we are now asleep and we didn’t even realise it.


But yeah, I suppose that is my night time routine. I would say I am more of a morning person myself so that is why I am not one of those people that you usually find moving their whole bedroom around during the night. It’s pretty chill I suppose but comment down below what else it is you guys do to get ready for bed. Or don’t, I don’t care tbh. But anyways, I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT


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2 thoughts on “What I Do To Get Ready For Bed

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  1. see…and as for me, as a morning person, my nighttime routine is also all the junk that i want to take care of at night because I don’t feeel like thinking about it in the morning. so i crawl into bed and realize that i didn’t pack my lunch. there’s one. or that i want to set out my clothes. or pack my back. whatevs. And then there are the nights that i don’t want to go to bed because I know how awful the next day might be and I just don’t wanna wake up to it. Yeah. That.


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