Billie Eilish’s Belfast Concert | I Can’t Believe It | A Fan’s Perspective

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  1. The Best Support Act
  2. Billie! Billie! Billie!
  3. Dublin’s Disaster

This title isn’t some sort of click-bate type of shit. I literally can not believe that this concert happened. And the thing is when I try to explain it to my friends they just think I’m some obsessed fan girl but I just can’t put what I feel into words. So I don’t know how this post is going to turn out but you can let me know if you feel the same way.

The Best Support Act

First of all, let’s start with her support act. Jessie Reyez. If you don’t know her, I’ll catch you up. We love her. She was amazing! The confidence and her energy were just everything! And she whipped out a fact that kinda shook me and I was like damnnnnn. Do you know the song “One touch” with Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris? SHE WROTE IT! And she has actually been in songs with so many other big people like Eminem and Lewis Capaldi and I just never realised.

Her story was crazy too. She got really deep with us for a whole second and she was saying that when she was starting to try and get into the singing industry (if that’s what it’s called) she had the opportunity to sing in front of this big producer which would be amazing for her career. So she sang to him and obviously, she was amazing and the producer agreed, but guess what the fuck this man said. He said, “you can sing well, but if you want to make it in this industry you’ve got to suck d!(k”. Flabergasted! That’s all I can say. I was completely knocked off my feet. But look at her now! She made it anyway! I hope she does a concert of her own in Belfast soon because I wanna go.

Billie! Billie! Billie!

Anyways, now onto Billie Eilish! Let’s start with the queue outside. Now, I was sitting so I got there an hour before the doors opened, but I know people who were there for 6 hours! FACTS! And I get it because they were standing and I would have done the same but it just seems so mental. They literally got there before she did, I’m guessing. The vibes must have been crazy though. Even when I was waiting in line I was looking at the literal fucking wall like “this gorl is on the other side of this wall right now”.

I felt unworthy of breathing the same air as her. I felt blessed to be in the same room as her and to be able to see the same things as her. I kid you not, Belfast feels different to me now that I know THE Billie Eilish has been there. And I know that I sound like a psycho and Billie’s bodyguards are trying to hunt me down now, but I can explain. I swear!

Actually, I can’t really explain because I don’t have a way with words. I’ll most likely dig myself into a bigger hole but let’s try anyway. Billie is the most amazing, inspiring, comforting, down-to-earth human being that I’ve ever known. I don’t know her personally but I just get that vibe from her. She’s got a story as well and while that was hard for her, she is proof that you can get better and we all need that. I like how she is so open about it and she just being in the same room as she makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, no matter what.

Let me tell you, this girl puts on one fucking good show. Like at the start it was all smoky and flashing lights and increasingly fast music and I was literally like “oh shit where is she” because I swear these singers be coming out of every fucking crevis nowadays, but then she just flew out of the ground. And when I say flew, I mean this miss Billie did not skip leg day. She jumped high though and I was KNOCKED off my feet. I really wasn’t ready for it despite the fact I had been waiting since Christmas day.

You know the way people say you shouldn’t meet your hero? They can go fuck themselves because I met mine and it was fucking amazing. She literally went onto a wee crane thing at one point and just swung around the stadium on her platform like the queen she is. It defo inspired Queen E to get up on her balcony the next day for her jubilee. Like it was so uncalled for because she was singing a song and then we were like “umm hello” because she was just GONE, she had left. But then all of a sudden she’s a runner, she’s a track star because she was at the other side and getting onto this crane situation.

It was funny seeing everyone in the standing section all scuttle over to the other side like she was a magnet or something. Then after a few amazing songs, she ran around again to the front and I’m pretty sure that is when she was singing “getting older” and she had videos from when she was little which was so cute. Tell me why I was crying though? Like they were not my childhood photos but I was really like “shit, we’ve come so far”.

I want to mention that I haven’t been able to listen to any of her songs since the concert because every time I do I die inside a little and literally cry and I’ll tell you why. It reminds me that I am no longer in said concert and that I am not in fact besties with Billie Eilish and she doesn’t even know who I am. Don’t ask me why I went into the concert with the feeling that I would walk out of there as her new bestie. All I can say is that I just always set myself up for failure lol.

Dublin’s Disaster

One last thing that I wanted to talk about which isn’t related to the Belfast concert, but still has to do with Billie is her Dublin concert. She had 2 I think and I’m not sure which one it was, but what I heard actually bugged me. Don’t quote me on this because I wasn’t there, but I heard that people were literally throwing stuff onto the stage. I don’t think it was to hurt her but probably they wanted her to sign their clothes or some shit, but then somebody threw a SHOE at her, at THE Billie Eilish, and she stopped to ask that they don’t do that because some people have got really hurt and she doesn’t mind if people give her a shirt respectively, AS SHE SHOULD. But then apparently some people started to boo at her! How dare they! I hope Billie was ok though because she had every right to ask people to literally not hit her with shit.

And now, as a Northern Ireland citizen, I’m kinda conflicted. I don’t want to be associated with the certain dickheads you find in England (not all of you though x) but I also don’t want to be associated with the Irish who are now disrespectful idiots (not all of you though x). Like for real, are we gonna have even more troubles because we’ve already done that shit. We completed it, for real.

So now that you all think I am a crazy fan girl and that Billie has probably filed a restraining order against me, I just wanted to end this by just making sure everyone knows that I just really respected and admire Billie and I love her so much because she is such a nice, down-to-earth gal. I would never do something like throwing a shoe at her just so I get her attention, and I would never do the crazy stalker shit that you see some people do, I just want her to know how much she means to so many people.

I also hope that someone else feels that way and that she enjoys the rest of her tour because I know I fucking loved the concert and I don’t really know how she could top our crowd. For real, we were so loud that I could barely hear her at times lol. Shout outs to Billie Eilish and I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.



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