Is It Ok For A Girl To Shop In The Men’s Section? | Let’s Discuss It

In the past, I used to be a tom-boy. Not trying to be a “pick me girl” but I wasn’t like the other girls *Debby Ryan smirk*. At the moment I would say I’ve grown out of that type of stuff. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a girly girl, I do love me some baggy clothes, but I also like to dress up a little bit.

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Why Do Women Look In The Men’s Section?

So that’s great for me when I’m in a shop and I’m looking for a summer dress or shorts or whatever the fuck people wear, but then sometimes when I’m looking for a more casual, everyday type of clothes I can’t find anything. They are always either cropped or just too dressy/not what I’m looking for. And I swear if I got a pound for every bloody top or hoodie that looked nice on the rack but then had some weird quote on the front like “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come”, I could legitimately start my own clothing brand for real. I do try to get past the quotes but it is just too painful to wear.

More often than not, if I’m in a shop I’ll take a sneaky wee glance into the men’s section just to see what they got. And it comes as no shock when I find exactly what I was looking for (usually an oversized hoodie or top with just a nice pattern or picture). It’s no wonder you guys think we are always angry, you got all the good stuff.


And just a bit of a catch-up, I don’t have a boyfriend to steal hoodies from. I don’t have an excuse to be in there in case someone asks me why I’m there. I could lie for sure but I am not a good liar. My face is like a human lie detector because one word out of line will turn me red. I can guarantee they’ll be like:

them: hey, do you need some hel-
me: *shaking* I have a boyfriend…
me: *face goes red*
them: what the... Are you ok?
me: yeah, no, I’m fine *nervous chuckle*
also me: *head just explodes*

No word of a lie, that would happen. You know what, my face isn’t even going red so like it’s obviously the truth. As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain it happened the other day.

Will You Be Judged?

In all honesty, though there are times that I really get the urge to go into the men’s section I never end up buying something because I feel like I’m being judged. But by who? Literally, who is judging me? Nobody! And I can tell you that now but I know when I’m in that situation I feel watched. And for why? As if I am a Kardashian or some crap.


I decided to post about this because my friend was out shopping with her boyfriend the other day and she said she bought a really nice top from the men’s section and I was like *clap clap clap*. Giving out a round of applause for doing what I could never do. And she did it with a guy present. I mean it sounds dumb as shit to say out loud… or… in text, but for real it just made me question everything. Imagine what my wardrobe could be looking like right now if I just bought the “men’s” clothes. I would look both amazing and taken *smiles in single*

Does Online Shopping Help?

That stress is one reason why I love online shopping because nobody can see what isle you are in, but it doesn’t stop the other fear of buying men’s clothes. People pointing it out.

I bet some of you are thinking that this shouldn’t even be a problem for me because people go through that type of stuff every day and to a much bigger extent and I completely understand and respect that. I’m really not trying to distract from the much bigger picture, this is just something I find in my life and others that I wanted to talk about.


Anyways, for me I get really awkward whenever someone is like “my brother literally has that top” and I’m just sitting there like shit! I know I shouldn’t have trusted my mum’s fashion sense. Whenever people say stuff like that it is literally just a comment and they aren’t even judging you but at that moment I just go back to my tom-boy phase which was a very embarrassing point in my life. that’s not me judging tom-boys, I just didn’t have a very good fashion sense. So when they point it out I feel like I must just look bad.


It could be a literal pair of black Nike shoes and I’d be a bit awkward wearing them. and it truly just is a me problem because I couldn’t give two shits if it was somebody else in the same situation. Like I literally don’t give a crap who wears what as long as they are comfortable in it. I just never make things simple for myself lol. The truth is that men’s clothing can be so much nicer than women’s and, not to get political, but I feel like everyone should feel comfortable shopping wherever the hell they want no matter what gender they associate with.


Unisex Clothing

I’m not religious but uni-sex clothes are my lord and saviour. Goose and Gander? Don’t mind if I do, bitch. They got the nicest crap and I’ll be throwing my whole purse at them for real, or at least some of it sparingly because I literally am scared of spending money tbh but their prices aren’t too bad so I get a bang for my buck as some may say. Gotta love a bargain

It’s nice to not be stressed about seeing some guy wearing the same clothes as me because it hasn’t got the same label (you know what I mean). Like I don’t have to be worrying that people think I shop in the men’s section. Not that it’s a problem, but for me, I find it uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I’m an insecure kinda gal who hasn’t fully accepted that they aren’t a girly girl and that it’s ok not to be, but I think we need to normalise looking at the entire shop because you are spending your own money (I hope), so why not get whatever the hell you want?!


Final Verdict

Just to finish off, I would go and check out Goose and Gander (this isn’t sponsored, I just like their stuff) because they genuinely do have great stuff and I think it is a great thing that their business is doing. The only label clothes need is the one that says how to wash them. Wear what makes you comfy and happy and shop in whatever fucking isle you want to! So to answer my question, Is it ok for a girl to shop in the men’s section? YES! I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.



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