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  • The Century-Long Christmas Controversy

    The Century-Long Christmas Controversy

    Merry Christmas to everyone!… except those who say happy Christmas. You can go to hell. I don’t really know what it is that possesses people to say “happy” Christmas but I don’t want it. Like it makes me shrivel up and die inside. I can actually hear the elves and Santa cry from the north…

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  • Disney’s Deep Message Behind ‘The Little Mermaid’

    Disney’s Deep Message Behind ‘The Little Mermaid’

    I think we all gotta learn from Arial’s mistakes. No, not ‘don’t brush your hair with a fork’ but something else a lot deeper (pun not intended) that all the ladies out there gotta hear about. Btw this is in no way me tryna be a Karen and ‘cancel’ Disney, it’s just a good example…

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  • Something I Realized About Being a Waitress

    Something I Realized About Being a Waitress

    I’m going to try and keep this post quite small, kind of like the size of the tips people give. Yup, that is what I am talking about today and I would like to preface that this is in the most respectful way possible. I don’t feel this way towards young teen or people struggling…

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  • I Hate To Be That Bitch But…

    I Hate To Be That Bitch But…

    You guys have to agree with me when I say that a lot of things we do nowadays is heavily judged. Like there are a lot of things that people aren’t willing to admit they do because people will laugh at them and call them a basic bitch or a pick me type of person.…

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  • Cancel Culture – Let’s Address This Bitch

    Cancel Culture – Let’s Address This Bitch

    If anybody doesn’t know what cancel culture is, let me explain it to you. Technically, it is just this thing were people ‘cancel’ (or make them unfamous) people because of something bad they said in their lifetime. And you might be saying “well I mean that doesn’t sound too bad” but let me tell you…

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  • The World Needs More…

    The World Needs More…

    The world needs more pockets. Nope, that isn’t a joke. Today I am talking about why the world needs more pockets *gets kicked out of Climate Change organisation* In all honesty though, I have a solid argument about why we need more pockets. Maybe not in the USA though. They’ll just carry more guns 😮…

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  • Money Can’t Solve Your Pro… Shut The Fuck Up

    Money Can’t Solve Your Pro… Shut The Fuck Up

    In the wise words of Ariana Grande, “whoever said money can’t solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve ’em” and I live by that honestly. It is true though. Like a lot of my problems are caused by money but can also be fixed by them soooo. But every time I…

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  • Weekly Reminder

    Weekly Reminder

    My last ever GCSE exam (hopefully) is on tomorrow. Pretty freaky. Didn’t really think I would make it this far. I was wanting to do one of the things where it is like after 2 years, 107 hours of study, 20 mental break downs etc. but I can’t add up all of the mental breakdowns…

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  • Could I Be Bothered? | Part 3

    Could I Be Bothered? | Part 3

    Hey guys. So this week has been a very “what the fuck” week if you get me. Like there are a lot of moments where I have been asking myself “what is even the point lol”. NO, I don’t mean that in a mentally ill kinda way, but like when I am told to do…

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  • What  I am Doing To Help The Environment | What Are You Doing?

    What I am Doing To Help The Environment | What Are You Doing?

    Hey there guys. So a while back, when I was volunteering at this run, an older guy was with me and others. They started chatting about how much rubbish there was everywhere and how global warming is getting really bad. Being the youngest there by at least 15 years, I didn’t really say much, oh…

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  • How I Would Describe Earth To An Alien

    How I Would Describe Earth To An Alien

    What is earth? Firstly, it’s not flat. But shit, that’s a tough one. In one perspective, it is so large but so absolutely minuscule and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yet it makes up everything we see and do and live for. It is a floating rock rotating around a ball of gas…

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  • The “Snowflake” Generation | Time For The Truth

    The “Snowflake” Generation | Time For The Truth

    Lately this whole “snowflake generation” thing has become a universally known term to describe Gen z. They say it because we are to sensitive or fragile, because, well, I guess we take things too seriously or we are too awkward to do certain things like standing up for ourselves. And I know that you are…

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  • Bucket Lists… What The Fuck

    You have to admit, there are a lot of weird things that we have made as a society and this is kinda just funny to me. I don’t know why though, but like the concept of a bucket list is so weird. We literally plan out a step-by-step guide to what we are going do…

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  • We Need To Stop _____ But We Need To Start_____!!

    We Need To Stop _____ But We Need To Start_____!!

    We need to stop misusing our privilege, but we need to start using it effectively I saw a tiktok yesterday. It was a black girl who was talking about the time she was at a peaceful protest for BLM. She said that all the white people there would be throwing rocks and water bottles at…

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  • I Need Your Help

    I Need Your Help

    Hi, if you don’t know me, I am a straight white teenage girl with no disabilities and just a mental health problem. What does that mean? That means that the only discrimination I have faced is being a woman. Now, there has been problems with sexism at the moment, but over all I have got…

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  • Who Am I?

    Who Am I?

    No I am not about to do a proper “face reveal”. I am talking about the fact that as a teenager we are expected to understand who we are and what we want to do for the rest of our lives, yet, the fact is, nobody has any fucking clue. And that’s ok I always…

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  • What Makes A Job Important?

    What Makes A Job Important?

    When we grow up, we are told that doctors, teachers, lawyers and politicians are important. That, if we want to get an impactful job, these are the ones to go for. But I have been thinking lately, because a couple of years back I had been talking to someone working in my house and something…

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  • Why Do I Find Everything Embarrassing?

    Why Do I Find Everything Embarrassing?

    I don’t know if it is because my older sister judged me for everything or if society has raised me to be a ‘follower’ but i get embarrassed by a majority of things. But the thing is, I won’t find it embarrassing for anyone else who does it. For example, I think it would be…

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  • 97%


    I’m sure you have heard this number going around a lot. If not, let me tell you what it means. This statistic shows the percentage of women who have been sexually assaulted in their life time. It shows that there are 97% too many women being assaulted. This doesn’t even take into account how many…

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  • For Who?

    For Who?

    I wrote those two words on a post-it note yesterday. It’s simple, but out of context it probably seems a bit strange. But what does it mean for me? Let’s bring this back a wee bit. So I am trying affiliate marketing and I am learning how through ‘Legendary Marketer’. I won’t go into too…

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  • What Is Your Worth Now

    What Is Your Worth Now

    All over tiktok and the rest of the internet, I have heard this story and I don’t know who to credit for this but I just wanted to post it here so that other people who aren’t on that side of social media can hear it. So there was this teacher one day who stood…

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  • Life After GCSEs – What Comes Next?

    Life After GCSEs – What Comes Next?

    For many, this question is easy to answer. They know they want to move onto A levels, then go to uni and get a job. I used think that I was one of those people, until now. The year I am making this move. I know that a lot of people are making this life…

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  • Why We Need To Change Exams And The School System

    Why We Need To Change Exams And The School System

    I know this is gonna sound really over dramatic for everyone and all adults are gonna be like ‘well your just saying that because you are too lazy to revise’. Well guess what Karen, it isn’t just for that reason. Let me educate you with 5 Ws Who These tests are being given to young…

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  • Make It Make Sense

    Make It Make Sense

    If you follow my blog, which you obviously should because duh, then you will have read my past post about the literal bloody history they are making us do on a day off, and yes I am still pissed about it. Well, I did it this morning and even though I did(n’t) cheat, It was…

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  • Society Is Preventing Your True Potential – Beware The Trap

    Society Is Preventing Your True Potential – Beware The Trap

    It’s weird how our view on work changes throughout our life. As a child we are told that we can be anything we want to be. This motivation was drilled into our mind from day one but then slowly over the years our dreams sound so… unachievable. And I mean why wouldn’t we think like…

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