Things my teachers have said that make me want to punch a wall

All of the things I am about to mention are 100% true. Every. Single. One. So buckle your seat belts because this is one hell of a fucking ride.


So, it’s the first day back at school. We have English 4th period and we are getting ready for the inevitable “motivational speech”. And, like clock work, she came in and started the speech. Blah blah corona blah blah tests blah blah you aren’t even going through that much blah… Wait a damn minute! Did she really just end the talk telling us that the things we are going through aren’t even that bad? Yep, she did. To widen your view of the situation, she basically said that, although what we are going through is different, it is basically what we would have been doing anyways, but this time we are allowed more information on what is on the exams and they are more spread out. So pretty much, we got it lucky 😮 When I tell you my stress skyrocketed, I mean it got to fucking Mars before that bloody rover did. So make it make sense? You say that our situation is different. Yes, that is at least something you got right. There hasn’t been a global pandemic since, hmm, 100 years ago? You also mentioned that we would have been going through the exams and stress. Yes, exactly. But due to our “different situation”, there is an added stress there, not including the other mental health problems that came with it. And to mention the point about the fact we are getting more information on what is on the exams and that they are spread out more, I have a few things to add to that. Lets, re-write this sentence a bit, but, add the truth to it, ok? We are getting more information on what is on the exam because the things we have been told have been thrown around like a basket ball and, unlike other years, we literally have no fucking clue what the hell we are even learning. And they are spread out more because, well, they have been brought forward a few months, with little warning, little help, little to no motivation, and little understanding of the actual information because what is the point of knowing the topics that will be on the test when we don’t know the actual information in them. I definitely think that is a better way to word it. So never say that what we are going through this year is any less than the shit show it is, because you really have no fucking clue.


Primary School Teacher

This is from ages ago and I don’t really remember what teacher said it but it is literally hilarious. I just backs up my point that some teachers just really aren’t meant to work with kids. This bitch said “the only reason I chose to be a teacher was to shout at kids”. Now, I don’t know if she said that ironically because we were misbehaving, but my class wasn’t even that disruptive. Looking back at it now, it is so funny, but at the time I know that I was so shook. The thing is, if she said that as the truth, then what the actual fuck because you definitely need a different job where the mental health of children aren’t in harms way.



So, I don’t know what it is, but pretty much every school has this same problem. The one where the teachers literally worship the loud boys in the class and literally despise everyone else. So let me tell you one time this happened to me, a girl. I was at the front of the class with my friend, so you already know it was gonna be a good time. The whole class was chatting, all waiting for the teacher to start and when she did the class settled down and I think I laughed for only 1 second after everyone was quite, but obviously that was not acceptable. So we were told off once. Later on I was confused and asked my friend what page we were on. She answered, obviously, but again we “broke the law” and we were told off a second time. So we stayed quiet for a while and later on when she left the room for a bit we all started talking and she came back, but basically everyone was still talking. Well, all the loud ones. And it was basically all just a whisper and I must have laughed one decibel louder than everyone else because she was not happy. That came the third time we were told off and she made us move seats. I think that for every time we were told off, an average of 7 boys were talking at the same time. But where they told to be quiet once? Nope. So I don’t know if she has a grudge against me or what, but all I know now is that I have once against her.

LOL, so these are all the ones I can remember at the moment. I know that these are only 3 but like I honestly could not care less. Maybe I will say more later on. But that first one, am I right?! I mean what utter bullshit. I really hope these people won’t read this but even if they do, maybe they will learn a less. Comment down below any time a teacher said or did something that made your blood boil, I love to hear more stories like this. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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