Time To Expose The Train Industry

Right so this isn’t for all places of course, “not all trains”, but for my experiences, everything I say here is the truth.

First of all, lets just mention how fucking stressful trains are. I mean I have to rehearse my order before I bloody order it and I still mess it up. They just look at you behind the desk as though you turned there day into shit and I just be like lol sorry. But here is the thing. Today I was on the train and I had bought my ticket at the train station and I had it in my phone case because it was clear. Then the wee train conductor was like can I see your ticket and I showed him my phone case. He had the AUDACITY to say “that isn’t a ticket” and with proper attitude but I just looked at him like bitch you better shut the fuck up. I had to take it outta my phone and show it as though it was a hidden artifact. I mean he was such a passive aggressive child and I was like would I really be someone to make a fake phone case. I mean he thought he was such a detective.

And I don’t know if they all bloody hate their jobs or what because they give you such a dirty look when you get money out of your wallet and they just sigh and act as though their life depends on the next few seconds. But then sometimes they just have mood swings and the next they are getting money out of their wee bag and making it a field trip because they be looking in their for ages and come out with like 50 p. They be making awful jokes and think they are the bees knees. I have to say that at some points you can get a nice one but they won’t take your bullshit. They won’t take the bullshit that isn’t even there and you are just over thinking your life. They don’t help with anxiety that is to be sure and you have no clue what to say because the utter crap that comes out of their mouth is something else.


Then when I got out of the train to go home, the doors closed a split second before a boy got to them and the train conductor was right at the door. The boy was literally like can you open this because he was a millisecond late and the man was right there and the guy was like no we can’t even do that and was basically laughing in his face. Then the train drove off with plenty of time for that kid to get in. I mean they really aren’t people persons and I don’t know why they took the job. I also remember that one time I got a return ticket and on my return I actually ended up just going to one station after what I supposed to take and then the worker came up as the train stopped at the station I was getting off. I showed the ticket and I was like I need to get off now though. Tell me why this guy literally went off the train for our tickets and waited for like 5 mins to make us pay for it and then he bloody overcharged us and I am like, is there absolutely no human decency. And now, I know that there are nice train men because I have got a few nice ones, but there are a majority of them that are so scary and really just make my blood boil, and this is from a non-Karen. I am not complaining to the manager but these are just some of the stories that have just annoyed me to be honest. I don’t know if it is because we are teenagers or if they all just happen to have a bad day but I get scared on them and I never seem to get it right. They be like our mums when they check if your room is clean and they literally check for every spec of dust.

But yeah, they are just a few of my stories from the train. Well, just today’s stories actually but yeah. Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to comment below any train stories you guys have had. Maybe it is just NI but I don’t know. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


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