“You look just like your dad”

Let’s play a quick game of never have I ever. Never. Have I ever needed to hear that. Never have I ever wanted to hear that. Never have I ever felt good after hearing that. Never have I ever gone to someone’s house and they didn’t say this. Never have I ever been more offended. But literally why do people think that it would be a good thing to say to a teenage girl that they look just like an old, balding, wrinkly, angry, sore backed man. Like seriously what the fuck made you say that. There was actually one time I went to my sisters boyfriends house for some reason and I had never seen his parents before but I kid you not, the first thing they said to me was “you look just like your dad”… what dumb fuckery is that because I didn’t even know he had seen them. Like what the hell. Needless to say, I never saw them again. Highly unappreciated to be honest with you.

The saddest thing is though is that I can see it. Like they aren’t wrong. Did they need to point that out though? No. But they aren’t wrong. One time at New Years there was this thing where you had to guess who was who from their childhood photos. Don’t ask why. But we just did. And I was looking around when my sister called me over and was like “look at this” and so I did. She covered the hair of my dads picture and was like “look”. This bitch really called me out because it literally looked exactly like me. Great start to the new year am I right. Like why the actual fuck did I have to inherit his non-existent eyebrows and his literal 5 head. Not appreciated father.

But yeah, I never get compared to as my Mum but like I guess looking like my dad, while embarrassing, let’s me know I am not adopted because as a child I would be like “Oh mY GoD iM aDoPteD” just because I the only one in my whole family that has blonde hair. What do you guys get compared to. Is there anything other than your parents you get compared to or maybe even a celebrity! The only celebrity I’ve been compared to is the bloody monster from the goonies. He is such a babe though I guess.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to like and comment below if you have anything else to add. I’ll see you tomorrow for more hopefully and I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT

The “Magical” Transformation That Happens When You Combine Two Of The Best Brain Reprogramming Technologies

You’ve heard of NLP?

It’s almost cultish.

It stands for neuro-linguistic programming and it’s like someone had taken the best out of all forms of psychotherapy, threw them in a blender and created NLP.

If you don’t get what I’m saying, NLP is two things.

First, it is a way of thinking. It’s a framework for how to approach your life to be more effective. It’s like a philosophy of life based on understanding how your brain functions.

Second, it is a psycho-therapy tool. It’s used to treat phobias and to change beliefs in patients. Some consider it as effective as CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and most say it’s a lot faster than the Freudian school of thought.


Because at the core of NLP lies hypno-therapy. To be more specific, the “behavioral changing” part of NLP is built on the teachings of Milton Erickson, one if not the most famous hypnotherapists of all times. And you know what hypno-therapy does?

It’s an access, a hack, to your subconscious mind

Let me give you this analogy. Imagine your mind being like a computer. Your conscious mind is accessing programs, turning it on and off and so on. Normal user access. Your subconscious mind is like going into the settings, installing applications, deleting them, adding new users and so on.

It’s the “engine” or the “back room” that controls everything.

Well, NLP is like a hacker that can break the password of your subconscious mind and change there. It allows you to change beliefs and to change who you are, as a person, to your core. It goes to those deep thoughts and ideas you don’t even know you have and makes you act differently by tweaking your basic concepts of self.

It hijacks your subconscious mind, and it does it very well.

And with the use of NLP you can eliminate phobias, you can change basic preferences (as not liking chocolate anymore) or you can even cure wounds from the past, as those from childhood. It’s effective. It works well, and it’s endorsed by some of the best-known authors in the world. Tony Robbins built his career and success on NLP and if you run a survey amongst successful people, you’ll see that many of them are NLP practitioners or masters.

You can’t mess with what works.

So why am I telling you this?

If NLP is like a hacker that tweaks your subconscious mind so you can become the person you want to be, if NLP is like a design tool that allows you to redesign who you are, then brainwave entrainment is a tool that makes it faster and easier.

If NLP is the thief that breaks the lock-pick, then the use of brainwave entrainment with it is like having the best lock-pick in the world, making the process effortlessly.

And what does this mean for you?

It’s simple.

Use them both. Use the amazing power of NLP to change beliefs and self-identity concepts and use the power of brainwave entrainment to help your subconscious mind be receptive and open. Open the door with brainwave syncing and change the furniture with NLP.

A simple way to understand this is music.

Think about it and how easy it has the power to change you. You listen to a song and you’re not even paying attention to the lyrics. And yet, if it’s a sad song, you become sad. If it’s a lively song, it boosts your energy. If you listen it many times, you end up thinking like in the song.

Music is a great example of a tool that accesses your subconscious mind without even realizing. You turn on YouTube and through repetition and emotion, you end up being one with the music.

Have you tried reading a book you had no interest in reading? Maybe for college or work?

You read the words; they are verbalized in your mind but you end up forgetting everything. They “enter one year and exit another”. This is because your subconscious mind is as closed as it gets and learning can not happen in your conscious dimension.

This is why I use NLP in all my tools.

Brainwave entrainment is amazing for helping your mind operate at that higher frequency. They’re like Vitamin C for your life, making everything better. And if you use brainwave entrainment, this is enough to attract, to manifest good things in your life because you’ll be operating at a higher level.


True, lasting change comes not by attracting things in our lives but by changing who we are so those things become a natural order. It’s when we change our beliefs and ideas so we transform into people for whom success and happiness are two natural things.

And this is where NLP works so well. It works for everything from curing phobias of spiders to getting past PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to program you to be more confident in front of a crowd or to be more assertive with your coworkers.

This is because while short-term wins are great – if you want a successful life, you must become the person who is naturally successful. And the only difference between you and a successful person is that the other one developed the beliefs and identity of such a person. If you develop them too, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just.

I build my program “Manifestation Magic” around NLP.

Each audio contains hidden embedded commands that reprogram your subconscious mind. Like a good hacker, brainwave syncing is opening the path to your subconscious mind while NLP commands are transforming who you are into the best version you could ever be.

These are called “NLP patterns” and they’re designed to be as easy to receive by the subconscious mind as possible. I do this through a combination of pacing, intonation and wording so your mind can accept them as commands, as truth, without getting defensive. It’s like music, just so much more powerful.

Basically, an NLP pattern is what a hypno-therapist would tell you to put you into a trance. It is highly suggestive language that bypasses your rational filters to reach where it matters most, your subconscious mind.

NLP plus brainwave entrainment is like having a hacker change your mind. NLP alone can access your subconscious thoughts but when paired with brainwave entrainment, the results are mind blowing. You can see a real change in days when all other methods you’ve tried for a long time like therapy failed.

This is the secret behind “Manifestation Magic”.

This is why it works. It works because instead of just using brainwave entrainment to help you operate at a higher frequency, at a higher vibration, it also changes who you are at your core. The result is a total personal transformation into the person you’ve always wanted to be but never known how.

Click on the link below to discover more about how “Manifestation Magic” can help you.

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I Need Your Help

Hi, if you don’t know me, I am a straight white teenage girl with no disabilities and just a mental health problem. What does that mean? That means that the only discrimination I have faced is being a woman. Now, there has been problems with sexism at the moment, but over all I have got it pretty easy. But I want to use that to help others too. And the only way I really know how to do that would be to use this platform to get people to listen.

That is where my next problem comes into play. How am I supposed to help when I know very little about what you guys go through and what YOU want me to do. Because I could write a whole essay about equality, but it would do fuck all because I don’t know what you guys really want us to do. So please, no matter what it is that you go through, whether it is a disability, race, sexuality, anything, can you please comment below something that you guys want us, the people who are can use your privilege to help, to do in order to help you guys or just be aware of certain things. You can leave a story about a time where you were discriminated against and say what you would have wanted someone to do to help, or just state anything. If you are comfortable of course.

I’m going to admit, I know very little about what others go through but I want that to change. I mean I am a sympathetic person but I also feel stuck on what to do and sometimes I can be a bit ignorant. On TikTok there was this guy with a stutter and was talking about how saying “did I stutter” was insulting. And I had said these before and didn’t think anything from it. So please educate me and everyone else on the internet because although we will never know what you go through and how you feel, I want to be able to do the most I can to make you feel safer or more included in the world.

So I am sorry if I sound like your basic bitch trying to get clout or something. This is not a trend, this is a real life problem and I would appreciate it so much if you guys could help spread awareness. But yeah, that is pretty much it. Just know that you are perfect just the way you are. I hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT

Weekly Reminder

Hey guys, another week has gone by and for a lot of us, we may be going back to school next week. Well, I am anyways. I have a total of 18 exams in the next 5 weeks, all which goes towards my GCSEs (aka decides my future) so to say I am scared would be an understatement. Have I revised? No. Will I revise? I have no clue bitch. But I guess I just want to make this weekly reminder about the fact that, just because you are finding revision and school hard to get done, doesn’t mean you are lazy or dumb. Here’s what I mean


For the past year we have been chucked left and right, up and down, with no support or recognition. Yes, the government say they “understand” us, but they fucking don’t. Yes I can hear that they seem sympathetic, but answer me this, what have they done about it? What teenager have they seriously talked to about how they have been affected? What have they solved? Well, for the UK, the answers are, they have brought all the exams forward with little understanding of what we are being tested on or help with the topics. They have asked no teenager about their feelings and have just went off of stereotypes like “the reason they are struggling is because they are on their phone all day” or “they just don’t like school and that is why they are failing, they need to grow up”. And to answer, what have they solved… I have no fucking clue. I guess they are trying to give us a fair shot on predicted grades. Oh wait, but they gave us no warning of tests, with little preparation while a lot of us are in an unhealthy mental state. Hmm, I guess they eventually got us all back into school. Oh, but we have been bombarded with work and stress and little time to breather or settle in. You see, the thing with our generation is that we don’t openly show our emotions, or at least not in a way other generations would understand. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me there is a bad stigma around struggling mentally and when we speak up about an issue, it is seen as “disrespectful”. Then when everything gets to much and a tragedy happens, they wonder why we didn’t speak up and so they have an assembly. Then the cycle starts again. We miss a homework, the teacher gets mad, we tell them it is because we are struggling, they ignore us, something bad happens, they never learn from their mistakes.


You see, when you miss a homework, or when you don’t have the energy to revise, it is OK. And I don’t care what your mum, dad, carers, teachers, anyone, says because they have no fucking clue what is going on. Not the faintest fucking idea. And I have no clue what your situation is right now, but I know that there is something going on in your life. Whether it is just Corona or something else, you have something going on and I hear you. Don’t let anybody make you feel weak for the way you feel, or downplay the severity of your problems because it is not your fault and you need to know that. Shit happens, but for you, too much shit has happened. I am sure missing homework or failing exams is the least of your worries and that is just how these feelings are being expressed. Yet nearly every teacher is blind to that fact. They don’t see you thoughts, they don’t know your story, they don’t see the real you. So no matter how much they harass you, just understand this isn’t your fault and I am not gonna promise you it will get better soon because I don’t fucking know. I sure hope it does, but I can’t promise that. All I can say is that you aren’t alone. You have your whole class behind you, you have me behind you and no teacher can fully understand what you are feeling at the moment. Maybe you don’t even understand, that’s ok though. Life has been changing every single day since the beginning of 2020. News changes, families change, school changes, our routine changes. And just when we feel a bit settled in to one way of life, it is shifted. I know that for me, one of the many reasons I struggle with doing things such as homework or studying is because I feel as though it is going to change, as though I will start to revise and it will all be cancelled. As though I will have to go through all the mental pain of school and then all the mental pain of realizing it was all a waste. These past years have been filled with so much pain and we just don’t want that to continue any longer.

So, if you were to take one thing from this post, let it be the power to not let people make you believe that you are just lazy and that you are overreacting, but that you are confused and tired or the changes and pain. You are so strong and not doing homework doesn’t diminish that. Don’t let ANYBODY tear you down or make you feel less of yourself. Do you realise how much you have gone through to get to this moment? It is amazing how you have made it this far. Nobody knows your journey apart from you, so don’t let them write your future. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


Weekly Reminder + Appreciation Post

Hey guys, so I woke up this morning, obviously, and looked at my phone. And then I saw that I had 100 followers! I mean damn, that is literally 100x the amount of friends I have in real life. It sounds unbelievable for me to say that in under 3 months I got this many followers. This may seem like it isn’t that much but I am actually kind of proud of it. For every like and every follow I just feel happy that my content might have had some sort of impact on them. I have never really felt as though people liked listening to what I have to say but you guys all make me feel appreciated. Yes, I have never actually met you all but I feel like we are connected in some way because we might feel the same way in some aspects of life or we both have the same sense of humour.


The first thing I want you guys to take from this is that you should just go for it. I am not sure what ‘it’ is for you, but if you have a dream that you want in life, just do it, because I always thought that I was so weird for some of the things I thought and that nobody would actually like it, yet here I am with 100 followers. Out of all the billions of people in the world, somebody will see what you do and appreciate it. They will look at your profile and think, this is pretty cool, they really are motivational. I am not saying that that is what you think of me, I am just saying that you might do something that gets that reaction. And I know this kind of all seems over the top. I mean I am giving inspiration to others even though I only have 100 followers, but to me I appreciate every single one. So if you think that what you want to do will be hated on or will never go somewhere, how do you know that is true? Have you tried yet? Did you get even one person because that is an achievement in itself. Even if it takes a long time, that feeling you get when someone interacts is so amazing and so worth it. You just gotta wait.

So the second, and last thing, I wanted to say is that I appreciate every single one of you. Every time I see one like, one view, one comment, one follow, I get so excited. And I just wanted to let everyone here know that I appreciate you. You may think I am lying because I have never actually met you guys, but for every single person that comes on here, I feel motivated to keep going, and if you weren’t here right now, I wouldn’t get that and, who knows, I may have given up already. Life is tough as crap at the moment and talking about it here, on this platform, makes everything just that little bit better, but having people that actually listen and feel the same has made such a big difference and I want to say thank you. Thank you so much for being here.

Anyways, thank you for reading this and again I just want to say thank you so much for 100 followers. Every single one of you mean so much to me. You really have no clue what it means. But yeah like and follow if you want to read more content like this. For the newbies, go check out my other posts because not all of them are like this. Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.


Mum’s Have A Superpower

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mums out there. This is an appreciation post to all of you because I know that you do so much for everyone without the recognition you deserve, so on behalf of all your children, here is what we have to say…

How could you put up with us no matter what we did? But like honestly, because look back and want to punch myself because of how I treated you
Asking so many bloody question. Seriously, we all had the dumbest questions yet you would always have the answer.
Protect. You are responsible for a child’s life. I don’t know how you all don’t have a panic attack because I would be freaking out. There are so many bad people out there, no need to freak anyone out, but it is true.
Party. You were able to plan all of the best parties when I was younger but I can barely plan a day out. Seriously, how much wine did you have to drink to get through that?
Yelling. When I look back I wonder how you never just screamed at us. We were so bloody annoying yet you held it in

Mentor. It is kind of a weird way to word it, but like, you guys have to set an example for your kids and make sure they become respectful, confident, kind and many other things. That would put a lot of pressure on you because you want to show them who they should be, but that can be draining.
Outfits. How could you put up with us asking for clothes every single moment? And then when we get older we always need more money for them, but when you buy some for us we don’t appreciate it and that puts another thing on your list
Temper Tantrum. I suppose this is more of a toddler thing, but whenever you are in the store and you literally have a screaming child by your side, with people looking at you but you have no clue what to do.
Hurt. How come when your child hurts themselves you know exactly how to make them feel better. No matter how bad it is you always make it seem ok despite the fact you might be panicking inside.
Excitement. This one actually is quite a superpower. You guys always seem so excited and happy when we give a picture of a literal squiggle or if we find a flower in the garden. You make everything seem so thrilling and magical.
Repeat. You guys have to do this every single day. There are literally no breaks and mums are usually the ones that have to do it all. I can barely look after myself yet you manage to look after multiple people every day.
School. This is especially true for parents in lockdown. You quite literally have to go through school for a second time. Get the homework done, make sure they know everything, get costumes for dress-up days, go to parent-teacher interviews, and so much more. I could never

Dishes. This may be different for each household, and I am also using this to talk about everything you have to clean and other chores like that. It is usually my mum who does the cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing and every other chore under the sun. My dad may do a bit but not a fraction of what my mum does. She even does this while she is sick. Out of nowhere, there are just more dishes and more messes everywhere and I would have a breakdown, to be honest
Appointments. I am not sure if this comes with age, but where the hell does the confidence come from. I literally panic when I order food at a takeout but you have to book the appointment, talk on their behalf and do all the things I couldn’t be doing. And you just seem to always have something to talk about.
Yawning. You guys are always tired. This isn’t an attack on you lol but I am just saying that you do so much and yet you get through it despite how exhausted you are. You may sometimes get overwhelmed with it and that is totally ok. I am shocked at how that doesn’t happen more often. It just amazes me what you guys can do.

So yeah, to conclude, you guys are pretty much ELITE and I can not say how much we respect you. Although we don’t always say it, we love you so much, we are so happy to have you in our lives and we look up to you so much. Happy mothers day.

Hope you have a great day, stay safe and stay yourself PERIODT.

I Have A Message For Everyone

Hello, I am the write of the blog ‘periodt’ and I am really thankful for this platform because I can talk about things that I struggle with and that a lot of people can relate to. But today I didn’t want to talk about more of what I go through, although there will be more in the future. Today I wanted to do an appreciation post for everyone. My followers, new arrivals, everyone. So enjoy.

I just want to say that if you are here right now, I am proud of you. I know that everyone reading this has gone through at least one hard time in their life. You may be going through it right now. But no matter how big or small that event was, you are here and you have done so well to still be here today. You can make it. I am not going to say it is all up hill from here because I really don’t know, but hey, you are so strong and so appreciated. If you have made it this far you can make it the rest of the way. And I know you may feel like giving up, you may feel like you have no energy left to keep going but please, if not for yourself, do it for me. I need you here, we all need you here and if you leave then the whole world is going to be missing a you. You may not see it now but in the future you are going to impact the world in some way. Please just hold on for a little longer. One day you are going to realize you aren’t alone and your story will help so many other people who may be going through something similar.

I also wanted to speak directly to people who identify as a man at any point in their life. Your feelings are valid. You having emotions is OK. You showing emotions is OK. You wanting to wear something more ‘feminine’ is OK. You being vulnerable is OK. Everything you do is OK. I am not a man but I know that you can feel as though you can’t cry, or be yourself, or do something you want to do but can’t because you are a man. If you identify as a man and you do something that is stereo-typically ‘feminine’ you are no less of a man. There are so many men who take their own lives because of what society has told them and I am so sorry about that. So many men are sexualized and abused and we just don’t hear about that because society says that men would want that anyways or they can’t be abused. That is so incorrect. You may have been taught that ‘men don’t cry’ or so many other things and I am so sorry about that. The things that you go through are not any less valid because you are a man. I can’t put into words all of the things that I want to say but just be you. Do whatever it is you want to do and be confident doing it because you are who you are and if anyone doesn’t like that then they don’t deserve to have you in their lives. Speak up about how you feel, don’t be afraid to report abuse, and take up as much space as you want because this is your life and we are just living in it.

So now I am going to talk generally about everyone else. Also I would like to add that if I have upset anyone in terms of gender, I am so sorry and please comment down below what you would like me to say or not say in the future because I want to make everyone feel included. Don’t be scared to say I did something wrong because I really want to learn about all of this and I am sorry for my ignorance. But anyways, lets move on. I want everyone to know that the world really is a cruel place but we need to stick together. As a generation we have gone through so much that nobody else can understand. There are so many ignorant people out there who still believe in the old views. They may still think there are only 2 genders and that being gay is wrong. I can’t speak about this personally because I am a straight girl who has caring parents but there are so many stories and videos of all the hardships you have to face and I am so sorry. You have no reason to apologize for being who you are because you didn’t have a choice. This is who you are and everyone needs to respect that. It isn’t like this is a whole new thing either. People didn’t evolve into being gay or something. Homosexuals and transgender people etc. have been around for ages it is just that bad people out there have shamed them into someone they aren’t and this generation are just the ones to start retaliating against this. You are being yourself for you, your ancestors and for the future. By standing up to idiots who think they know what is right or wrong, you are making a step into better future and I thank you for that. I am sure it is really scary what are doing because there are so many idiots but please don’t give up because you are doing great things. Never apologize for who you are. You are absolutely perfect and they are just jealous PERIODT.

Mental health wise also, no matter who you are out there, your thoughts are valid. They may not be good thoughts but it is OK to feel how you feel. You may not be fortunate enough to get free help but there are people out there you can talk to. And nobody here can say they don’t because I am here. Yes, please talk to me. I am not a professional but I am here to show you that you aren’t alone until you can get some professional help. If you are going through abuse, crime, anything, please know that you are OK and that I am here for you. You aren’t alone, this isn’t your fault, don’t feel guilty for anything you feel and I am proud of you.

Thank you all for reading this and I am looking forward to answering any comments or emails you guys send me. I appreciate you all and stay strong because the world needs a you PERIODT.

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